Second Phone Number ™ Features

  • Multiple virtual phone numbers available in 35+ countries

  • Affordable local and international calls

  • No SIM and no contract required, terminate anytime

  • Use multiple numbers for convenience or safety and delete them when they are no longer needed

  • Use and name your additional phone numbers for calls and texting

  • Record and play back your calls

  • Send pictures and images in messages, with features such as disappearing messages and group messaging

  • Divert calls outside business hours to voicemail

  • Call and message from your contacts list

  • Create and manage contacts privately within the app

  • App security with 2FA authentication – PIN and facial

  • Video call your Second Phone Number ™ contacts

2nd phone number Tips

With Second Phone Number ™, you can engage in all kinds of transactions requiring a solid identifier, your phone number - online or otherwise - without worrying about all the associated danger that sharing your number entails. Sure, you probably think it's a simple task to give out your number. Still, in this day and age, a phone number is a piece of crucial information that can lead to a complete dossier on you, from your name and birth date to your address, property taxes, and even the names of all the members of your family. Disclosing your phone number can also mean free access to your information for identity theft, stalking, or even harassment online. Imagine all the risks you can avoid by simply having a second number to keep your number safe and protected. You never have to compromise on your safety or miss out on all the other transactions you need to engage in! Plus, you never have to misplace this phone because it's right there, in your phone itself.
No. Using a virtual phone app does not, in any way, interfere with or even touch on your text and minutes allotment on your phone plans. That means you do not need to worry about running out of text or call balance on your phone when you need them. Instead, Second Phone Number ™ allows you to decide whether to add coins for more minutes or text provision and how much more to add to your already existing service provision in a different number. By offering multiple phone numbers in the form of a virtual phone, we not only provide a safety net for your personal information. You also get a convenient set of additional services on a weekly, monthly, or annual service provision for your virtual phone subscription. Plus, you get to decide on your preferred subscription plan based on the cost and how you intend to use it.
Billing from Second Phone Number ™ will not show up on your phone bill as an additional charge. It will, however, show up as an app subscription, and that would depend upon your device. If you are using the virtual phone app on an iPhone, you will be billed/charged on your Apple Account upon confirmation of subscription. Subscription renewal is user-managed, meaning it's not mandatory. It's all up to you and your user settings, which you can manage straight from your Account Settings. In case you do not wish to turn off auto-renewal settings in advance, you can manually do so later by simply turning off the auto-renew function at least 24 hours before the end of your current subscription. For Android phone users, you may go to Google Play Store to subscribe, and the charges will go to your Google Account. Just as it was for iOS users, renewal of subscription for Second Phone on Android is self-managed, and auto-renew can be turned off at least 24 hours before the current subscription ends via Google Account Settings. Note that we cannot give a refund for the unused subscription period if you cancel the subscription before its time is up.
There is no fixed period for how long you can keep your virtual phone number since there is no obligation for a long term subscription. Depending on your mood or needs, you can own it for a few days or a few years. It is up to you to decide how long you need each virtual number you pick. You are also the only one who can decide on your subscription plan since it will depend entirely on your preference. Depending on your chosen subscription plan, your subscription may be billed weekly, monthly, 3 monthly or yearly at your selected rate. It's a no-commitment subscription that you can adjust however you please, whenever you want. If it isn't enticing enough to know that you can protect your privacy and those of your family on your terms, then there are other benefits to owning multiple virtual phone numbers that you can also check out, with no strings attached.

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