Does changing your phone number for a virtual phone number sound strange to you? Wait till you peruse the benefits of changing cell phone number to a virtual number for individuals and businesses. Keep in mind that a cell phone number can be for personal or business use, its importance is in its portability and mobility.

The benefits of changing your phone number to a virtual phone number stem from the preservation of the portability and mobility of a cell phone connected to a cell phone number. However, a virtual phone number adds other benefits such as flexibility and lower communication cost, among others.

After reading this article, you’ll know the advantages of using virtual phone numbers for both personal and business purposes and enjoy the benefits.

What is a Cell Phone Number?

A cell phone number is a sequence of digits assigned to a mobile phone that stores the sim card. Simply put, a cell phone number is your mobile number. It is the phone number attached to the phone that you carry around.

Different countries have different prefixes for cell phone numbers. Some do not make the area codes of a call known, while others do. Regardless, cell phone numbers have been widely adopted by individuals and businesses over the landline.

Cell phone numbers are unique to the providers and their SIM cards. This is why some mobile number prefixes are the same while others are different. Although many cell service providers have different prefixes. In the United States of America and many other countries in North America, cell phone numbers have prefixes that show the locality of the possessor.

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual phone number is a series of digits assigned to a cell or landline but not stored on a SIM card. Virtual phone numbers are gotten through the internet, using a website or a mobile application.

Virtual numbers perform the same function as regular cell phone numbers. They sometimes carry prefixes that show the callers’ area codes, and they are unique to their destination – rerouting number. While some countries, especially in North America – the United States and Canada – use prefixes that show the geographical location of the numbers’ user, other countries like the UK allow virtual mobile numbers.

Virtual phone numbers are increasing due to benefits of changing your phone number like ease they bring into communication, such as the possibility of owning as many virtual numbers as possible, and reduced costs of communication.

Comparison Between Cell Phone Numbers andVirtual Phone Numbers.

Benefits of changing cell phone number

Cell phone and virtual phone numbers are similar in every sense. However, their differences lie in the presence and absence of SIM cards for the functioning of cell phone numbers and virtual numbers, respectively. 

A cell phone number is assigned with a phone number that has a SIM card. A virtual phone number does not need a SIM card to operate. A user only needs the app and their login details to use their virtual number on any cell phone.

Despite this difference, both cell phone numbers and virtual phone numbers receive and send calls and messages. They are both used as destination numbers for receiving verification codes or two factor authentication, especially for registration on websites, for identity confirmation. However, there are certain benefits of changing cell phone number for virtual phone numbers

Benefits of Changing Cell Phone Number to Virtual Phone Number.

Benefits of changing cell phone number

One problem with cell phone numbers is their reliance on SIM cards. To have more cell phone numbers, you need more SIM cards, and a cell phone can only take so many SIM cards; hence, you need a new cell phone. However, you can change to virtual numbers and enjoy these benefits of changing cell phone number.

Easily Manage Calls

Every business has an opening and closing hour. Violating these operational hours can cause some customers to take advantage of your poor time management, and deprive you of your personal time. As an entrepreneur or employee, you have the privilege of effectively managing calls, especially after hours. You can switch your business virtual numbers off at the close of the day, and switch them on when the business opens.

For individuals, the same communication management can be applied with friends and families, especially while you’re at work. Your device does not have to be off or silent to do this.

Look Professional

In business, you’re accorded the professional respect you exude. If your business has specialized virtual phone numbers for different locations, customers are bound to respect your brand and consider it a business that respects locality.

Also, if you decide to use a virtual mobile number for your business, it gives the impression that your service is available nationwide. However, ensure that you choose the right type of virtual phone number for your business.

Be Productive on the Move

Having local virtual phone numbers does not mean you have a local office. You may work from a home office, or as you travel the world, and offer your service to people in other countries.

A virtual phone number helps to broaden your potential customer reach without limiting your physical presence to a location.

Save on Communication

The cost of communication among colleagues in a team can be staggering. Your organization can save on communication by acquiring virtual phone numbers for its employees.

Some virtual phone number providers, such as Second Phone Number™, offer free messaging for their app users.

Better Customer Service

You can give your customers a better chance at communicating their complaints and compliments when you have virtual phone numbers, as they’re cheaper to use. With virtual business phone numbers, your customers can skip the communication cost as your organization can bear it, at a lower cost compared to the regular cell phone number.

For small businesses, there are options for splitting the communication cost with your customers.


Cell phone numbers and virtual phone numbers perform the same functions. However, you can reap the benefits of changing cell phone number to a virtual number by using the Second Phone Number™ app.