You’re familiar with unwanted calls that you’d rather go straight to an answering machine; you can have a virtual phone number for SMS that’ll help you avoid those spam calls. With a virtual phone number for SMS, you can do more than make or receive calls and still do SMS. They also allow you to send and receive SMS with the full function of a regular registered phone number.

Second Phone Number™ provides the best virtual phone number for SMS with full function. A virtual phone number from Second Phone Number™ gives you all the perks you get with a normal registered phone number and more. Your communication via SMS is secured and you can delete them when you want. Also, SMS communication between Second Phone Number™ users is free.

This article will give you information on the best virtual number for SMS. You’ll also know the full functions you’ll get from a Second Phone Number™ virtual phone number.

Why Should You Choose Second Phone Number™ for Your Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual phone number for SMS

The importance of virtual phone number for SMS to individuals and businesses is numerous – communication control, personal information protection, lower communication cost, and location anonymity, among others. Number2 go helps you have these advantages with the virtual numbers they provide.

While a virtual number gives you all the functions of a normal registered local number, it gives you some other benefits that should give you reasons to have them, especially to send and receive SMS online, and they include:

Control over Message History

Past communication brings up memories, sometimes that we don’t want to recall. The freedom to view and delete messages when you want, even if they’re part of a communication string, is one of the advantages of choosing a virtual number for SMS from Second Phone Number™.

Due to storage and security issues, some virtual phone numbers for SMS providers automatically delete messages and communication history after some time. While this may seem like a good security measure, there are better ways to secure customers’ communication without losing them. Second Phone Number™ ensures message history is intact and only accessible to communicants. Therefore, if you like to keep messages, for business or personal references, Second Phone Number™ will help with that.

Also, if you wish to forget about some messages in a string of communication, with Second Phone Number™, you can delete messages and the entire communication history whenever you want. While you have the freedom to control your message history, ensure that you delete messages that are not positively important to your business.

Multi-media Messaging

Sometimes, sending a string of words can be boring, and does not fulfill the purpose of your communication. Instead of just send and receive SMS function alone, you can send a Multi-media message and help your communication have more detail.

Multi-media messaging is used to send files such as photos, videos, external links, and voice notes, in place of plain text. It is a useful service, provided by Second Phone Number™, for many businesses and individuals, and it helps to further cut the cost of communication in businesses.

With multi-media messaging on Second Phone Number™, you get to have detailed communication with your employees and colleagues that use Numer2go, without any extra cost. You’ll complete tasks faster and grow your business.

Communication Security

One of the reasons you’re unable to recall messages from previous communication on some virtual phone numbers for SMS providers’ web or app is because they have auto-delete functions activated. This helps with communication security but it can be detrimental to users as they may need some messages for references.

Second Phone Number™ allows you the freedom of doing what you want with your messages. However, they ensure the security of your communication by employing a number of security measures – face ID, end-to-end encryption, and pin code.

With the face ID security, only you have access to your communication history, including messaging history, through the identification of your face. The Second Phone Number™app employs face identification technology to keep your communication and its history safe.

Also, end-to-end encryption ensures there’s no communication leak between two communicants, whether they both use Second Phone Number™ or not. It ensures that only the communicants, not even the medium (Second Phone Number™), have records of their communication.

Pin code is one of the security measures that have stood the test of time. As facial recognition technology, it helps to keep access to your Second Phone Number™ app personalized. In other words, no one can access your Second Phone Number™ app, including its call and messaging history, without having your pin code.  

Messaging Groups

Messaging groups are peculiar to people with a specific topic of discussion. They are common with friends, teams, and colleagues. Messaging groups are an upcoming feature on Second Phone Number™, and it’ll help to make communication with a fairly large audience easier.

A team of workers can get updates faster and easier with the Second Phone Number™ messaging group feature. Also, friends can keep tabs on changes in their plans without having to message every member of their clique. Summarily, to send and receive text messages from your groups will help with easier communication with more than 2 people.

How Does Messaging Work on Second Phone Number™?

Messaging – Text Messages, and MMS – on Second Phone Number™ works the same way it does on phones with registered phone numbers. The sender of a message on Second Phone Number™ uses the messaging tab on the app to perform the action. The receiver gets a notification of an incoming message and reads it through the same tab.

The sender has to select their preferred virtual phone numbers for SMS with which they wish to send a message. If the message is between two Second Phone Number™ users, it is free. However, text messages and MMs communication between users of which at least one of them is not a Second Phone Number™ user comes with cheap charges.


Second Phone Number™ is the best place to get a virtual number for text messages with full function. It is a better option than other virtual number providers due to the security and freedom it gives to its users. Also, the Second Phone Number™ app is easy and affordable to use. It supports better and more detailed communication, which makes its messaging feature suitable for individuals and businesses.

Also, continuous improvements – such as message groups – are added to the mobile app, improving its overall effectiveness at helping deliver communication with virtual mobile phone numbers for SMS.