Google virtual phone number is one of the most common virtual phone numbers people use today; however, there are better options – one of which is Second Phone Number™. The popularity of the brand, Google, has helped Google Voice spread its adoption, and more are using Google voice even with its limited location coverage.

Second Phone Number™, a virtual phone number provider, is an app that is available on Google Play Store, and has amazing features that help its users experience the best communication through calls and messaging. Some of its features are missing on Google Voice, making it a better option.

In this article, you’ll understand how Second Phone Number™ works, and how it compares to Google virtual phone number service provider. You’ll see the features that Second Phone Number™ possesses and how you can use them for your businesses and personal communications.

What is Second Phone Number™?

Second Phone Number™ is a mobile application that provides virtual phone numbers for personal and business communication. It is an Android device application that allows its users to generate as many virtual phone numbers as they want, helping them to communicate safely and cheaply. With the Second Phone Number™ app, users can generate local and international numbers, and use those numbers for cheap communication.

How Does Second Phone Number™ Work?

Second Phone Number™, as a mobile application needs to be installed on an Android device with google account. It works by making and receiving calls, sending and receiving text messages, files, and voicemails, through the virtual phone number its users create.

Users can reroute calls to their real phone numbers through the virtual phone number they’ve created on Second Phone Number™. Calls and messages are delivered to users’ phones through the second phone number, without depending on a SIM card. Usually, the virtual or second phone number is meant to protect the users’ personal information and afford them control over communication.

Calls from the app are made through any of the virtual phone numbers a user creates. The calls can be recorded using the call recording feature, provided it is legal in your country. Also, incoming calls can be directed to voicemail that you can save for reference purposes. Video calls are also available on Second Phone Number™.

With messaging, users can send texts through SMS; however, they can also send pictures and files through MMS. Audio messaging is also a messaging feature of Second Phone Number™. One of the best features of messaging on Second Phone Number™ is the group messaging that helps users to transmit a message to a large audience.

To make calls and send messages, users will have to purchase coins. They can see the coins reducing as they communicate with the app, showing real-time and transparent costing.

How Does Second Phone Number™ Compare to Google Voice?

Google virtual phone number

Second Phone Number™ and Google Voice are similar in the services they provide; however, there are differences in the features they possess. Although Google Voice app has a web-based operation platform, it also has a mobile app that is linked to the user’s Google account. Let’s see how it compares to the Second Phone Number™ app, using some common features.

Group Messaging

Group messaging is a feature of messaging that is available on both Second Phone Number™ and Google Voice. With this feature, users of both virtual phone number providers can pass messages to a large audience easily.

With group messaging, businesses can update their employees on corporate matters at a go. Also, teams can get tasks done faster. Since both features are available on Second Phone Number™ and Google virtual phone number also known as Google Voice, users can adopt both on this count.

Call Recording

Reaching into your archive to recall some communication to prove a point is satisfying and helps you to retain trust when there is doubt. This is one of the reasons this feature is important. It is also useful for certain professions, such as journalism, as you can conduct interviews through a mobile application. 

Second Phone Number™ and Google Voice have this feature; however, it is only used for incoming calls on Google virtual phone number also known as Google Voice. On Second Phone Number™, users can record calls, if it’s legal in their country, whether it is an outgoing or incoming phone call.

This makes Second Phone Number™ the better option for the purpose of call recording, especially for podcasters and journalists.


The cost of communication with regular phone numbers, especially for businesses, is high. Virtual phone numbers, provided by Google Voice and Second Phone Number™, help businesses cut costs on communication. However, are the prices for their services similar?

Google Voice is free for calls and messaging within the US and Canada; however, international calling costs are billed at rates provided by Google Voice. Also, although it is tagged “a free phone number provider”, Google virtual phone number also known as Google Voice charges its users ranging from $10 per month for Starter to $30 per month for Premier users. This is different from call and message billings.

Second Phone Number™, on the other hand, is upfront about its pricing. Users can choose from the weekly, monthly, or annual billing schedule, with no restriction to the quality of service attached to users’ choices. However, for calls and messages, users have to buy coins in place of regular phone billings. Also, communication expenditure is visible to users in real-time.

Service Coverage Area

Both Second Phone Number™ and Google Voice allow local and international calls; however, one has its services available in more countries than the other.

Second Phone Number™ is available in over 35 countries. That is, users can create local phone numbers for more than 35 countries and use those numbers to improve their local authority.

Google virtual phone number is also known as Google Voice, on the other hand, is available for users in Canada and the USA only.

Which is Better: Google Virtual Phone Number or Second Phone Number™ Virtual Phone Number?

Considering the features that Google Voice and Second Phone Number™ share, there are bases for comparisons.

However, Second Phone Number™ is the better virtual number provider as its service is available in more than 35 countries, giving its users access to more local virtual phone numbers based on country. Its pricing is also fair and transparent compared to Google Voice.


Second Phone Number™ is a mobile application that provides virtual phone numbers to its users, as does Google Voice. However, Second Phone Number™ trumps Google Voice in terms of countries of service coverage, pricing, and call recording.

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