There are lots of free virtual phone number or paid but cheap virtual phone number providers out there. However, not every one of these virtual phone number provider companies can be termed reliable, especially for small business. This is because of the quality of their service and the features that they offer users. For this reason, you need to be very sure that you are not only dealing with a company that offers cheap services but one that is reliable in every sense of the word.

Fortunately, this article will do justice to helping you find a cheap but reliable and best virtual phone number mobile app in 2022. So, ensure that you keep reading to know how to get a company that offers affordability and reliability.

Reliability Supersedes Affordability

Cheap virtual phone number

There is nothing wrong with getting a virtual phone service that is affordable. This is even advised for economic and other reasons. However, you need to understand that affordability should not be at the expense of getting quality services.

This is the mistake that some people make in their bid to enjoy what virtual phone numbers can offer at cheap rates. In simple terms, reliability supersedes affordability when virtual phone number providers are concerned. So, you should bear this in mind when searching for a cheap virtual phone system hosting service provider.

The next thing we would have you know is that some cheap virtual phone system apps have proven to offer both affordability and top-quality services. Second Phone Number™ happens to be one of them for various reasons.

What a Cheap and Reliable Virtual Phone Number App Should Offer

Cheap virtual phone number

Using what notable cheap and reliable apps like Second Phone Number™ offer, some of the things expected of a cheap secondary number mobile phone app that claims to be cheap and reliable include the following:

Easy Set-Up

For the most part, these special lines as we choose to call them are used as a business phone number. This does not rule out the fact that they can be used for reasons other than this.

Because of how it helps business owners provide better customer support around the world, whether you’re big or small business owners and how time matters a lot in the business world, a cheap and reliable VOIP or voice over internet protocol service should be easy to set up the virtual business phone system. Some mobile apps are reliable but they fail in this regard.

Setting them up is a daunting task. This should not be the case if the mobile app should truly be considered reliable. A complete setup of the virtual business phone should be possible in a matter of minutes. Fortunately, this is one of the peaks of using an app like Second Phone Number™.

Working with Foreign Local Area Code without a VPN

Because of the private, secure, and encrypted technology that VPN offers, people can act like they are in a different location online. Business owners also make the most of this technology in interacting with clients in different locations.

Well, a cheap and reliable virtual phone number app should not require a VPN to help users access local numbers in different locations which means better customer support for businesses. The hosting service provider on their own should be able to offer a second phone system with local area codes in different locations. This is vital, especially for business phone number. For this reason, you should not play down its importance, especially if you are a business owner.

Other than this, a cheap and reliable option should allow users access to as many local area codes as they want and toll free number. This is one of the highlights of using an app like Second Phone Number™.

Various Packages/Plans

There are many amazing advanced features that you can enjoy when you use a cheap second cellphone number. Experience has shown how many acclaimed cheap services are not cheap in the real sense.

They leave out a lot of peaks that come with using second cellphone numbers and claim that they are cheap. Well, this is not proof that they are reliable if you even choose to see them as cheap.

The ideal cheap and reliable hosting service provider should leave no stone untouched in providing as many amazing features as possible to users. They are to do this using various plans or packages. Choosing a very cheap plan would mean that you enjoy just the basic features.

On the contrary, choosing a plan that costs more means that you enjoy more features. This is a lot better than missing out on the juicy part of using the best virtual number provider simply because you want something cheap.

An option like Second Phone Number™ app has a lot of plans that would fit right into your budget. They are also specific about what you get using each plan. So, you would not be disappointed or caught unawares as you understand what you are getting into from the onset.

In addition to these, a cheap and reliable one should make the transition to higher and lower plans seamless. It should be straightforward and not a difficult task. As logical as this sounds, this is not the reality with every virtual number app. So, you need to make informed decisions when choosing an app.


For a virtual telephone number app to qualify as affordable, aside from just keeping your personal phone’s caller ID, the hosting service providers must be committed to offering affordable services. One of the ways they would have to get this done is through promotions and incentives to reward their new and existing customers.

But as stressed above, their commitment to doing this should not come at the expense of offering quality services. Fortunately, some virtual phone number apps have proven to be good in this regard. This is considering how they offer promotions from time to time. For instance, MMS and text messaging between two Second Phone Number™ phone numbers are free.

Cheap Call Rate

Whether it is a local or international call, an affordable and cheap virtual number app needs to offer cheap call rates. This should be one of the highlights of using a virtual phone especially as it leverages the internet for coverage.

The good news is that some apps are good in this regard. Second Phone Number™ is an example as outgoing or incoming calls (international and local or toll free) are made for as low as $0.01 for each minute.


There is nothing wrong with going for a cheap virtual cellphone number app. However, affordability should not be at the expense of quality service delivery as stressed over and over again here. We have discussed some of the things a cheap and best virtual phone number app should offer. So get a virtual phone number and start your free trial now, get a Second Phone Number™ today.