People have various reasons for using disguised phone numbers, even before the existence of burner phones. Payphones used to be the perfect means of making phone calls without using your private number in order to hide your phone number, and unless you introduce yourself, it may be difficult to deduce you’re the caller. However, disguising phone numbers has become easier now.

Disguise phone numbers are available through different means, but the best app that lets you make calls using disguise phone numbers is the Second Phone Number™ app. It allows you to maintain your anonymity by creating a second phone number that you can dispose of whenever you want. However, you can repossess that phone number before the 30-day grace period expires.

In this article, you’ll understand what disguise phone numbers are. You’ll also get to know how to use Disguise phone numbers and why people use them. Also, you’ll have knowledge of the best app for getting a disguised phone number – Second Phone Number™ app – and how you can use the app for your personal use.

What is a Disguise Phone Number?

Disguise phone number

Disguise phone numbers are phone numbers that don’t expose your identity on the call recipient’s screen or keep your private number. They are phone numbers that help you hide your phone number or identity when you want it. Disguise phone numbers can be referred to as second phone numbers that you can easily dispose of when your anonymity is compromised; probably due to consistent use with a particular individual that they begin to suspect who you are.

People have been using disguised phone numbers for a long time, but not the ones they created. Payphones were the perfect way to hide your number or a caller’s identity but get a message across to a fall’s recipient. However, it’s impossible to send text messages with payphones. The advent of burner phones made disguised communication easier to come by, but at extra costs. The phones are usually destroyed and disposed of after use (usually some minutes). However, using burner apps or virtual phone number apps have made disguise phone numbers easier to create.

With virtual phone number apps, such as Second Phone Number™, you can create phone numbers, use them, and dispose of them. You can also get those phone numbers back within the 30-day grace period after disposal.

Why Do People Use Disguise Phone Numbers?

Disguise phone number

The importance of a disguised phone number is centered around anonymity. However, there are other benefits to using disguised phone numbers.

Better Communication Confidence

One communicates better when their identity is hidden, in some cases. Callers who are unsure of the reception they’ll get when they call an individual to deliver sensitive information can easily use a disguised phone number and speak freely, without worrying about how they are perceived by the recipient.

The confidence in their delivery can also help the recipient of the information feel better and optimistic about the new information they’ve just gotten.

It is advantageous for people who have communication problems, such as stutter due to nervousness and lacking oral proficiency in a language. They can communicate anonymously, and deliver their message with the best confidence they can muster, knowing their identity is hidden.

For Anonymous Tips and Information

A witness of a crime is usually the first person law enforcement officers question, and some witnesses don’t like that. However, you can perform your civic duty by reporting a crime anonymously. Use your disguise phone number to call the appropriate authorities, and report crimes and incidents while preserving your identity.

You can also call into businesses and give honest reviews about their products or services without fear of being blacklisted by that business.

To Protect Identities from the Public

A disguise phone number is not only used for making calls, you can send social media messages and text messages with the number. However, your identity and privacy is protected from the public when you supply a disguised phone number instead of your private number, this way, it will hide your number.

Use a disguised phone number on social media platforms, online dating sites, and shopping sites. While people can still contact you with the phone number, you can dispose of the number when some communications are not what you want. Deactivate the phone number, generate another one, and update your profile with the new number.

How to use Disguise Phone Numbers

Disguise phone numbers are meant to protect your identity and preserve your privacy, and hide your phone number from the public eye. Therefore, they are best used for a short time and discarded.

When you create a second phone number with the Second Phone Number™ app, you may want to rename the number to avoid confusion, as you can create as many numbers as you want. You can make calls to individuals and businesses without compromising your anonymity, and pass your message. However, note that the recipients of your calls may identify your number after some time. You can discard the number you’ve created and create a new one to continue your communication.

Best App for Disguise Phone Numbers

Disguise phone numbers used to be available with phones that you have to destroy and discard after use. However, you can now get these phone numbers with only a tap on a prompt on an app.

There are many mobile apps that offer second phone numbers that can serve as disguise phone numbers. However, there are few that stand out due to their features. The best of the lot is the Second Phone Number™ app.

The Second Phone Number™ app is a virtual phone number provider that also allows you to make calls using disguised phone numbers.

What makes Second Phone Number™ the Best App for Disguise Phone Numbers.

The adoption of the Second Phone Number™ app as the best mobile app for disguise phone number is due to its features.

Create numerous disguise phone numbers

With the Second Phone Number™ app, you can create as many disguise phone numbers as you want. If your anonymity is compromised on any of the numbers, you can easily ditch it and use other numbers.

With only a tap of the “Get a Number” prompt, you’ll have a new disguise phone number. 

Available in many countries

Many of the apps tagged best for virtual phone numbers are available only in the United States and Canada. However, Second Phone Number™ is available all over the world, including Puerto Rico and Finland.


A disguise phone number is also called a second phone number. It is easily gotten using the best app that lets you call using a disguise phone number – Second Phone Number™.