We often refer to the shrunken barriers between people in today’s world as one of the most wonderful benefits of globalization. Hardly are disposable phone numbers ever mentioned. 

Those digits have been as many benefits to the world as any other advancements. Almost everyone has a permanent telephone number, but few are aware of temporary phone numbers. 

This article will show what virtual phone number or disposable phone number is and when to use them, how they protect your privacy, increase productivity and help you keep up with trends. Lastly, use it as a real phone number.

What are disposable phone numbers? 

A fake phone number is a temporary phone number that can be used as a real number. 

It is purchased from a service provider and calls to that number are forwarded to the user’s existing phone. 

The service is usually made possible through the service provider’s mobile app. The number is also a functional real number that can also be used as a phone number for verification and throughout the set period though the user can deactivate it at any time in between. 

When Can You Use a Virtual Phone Number? 

Virtual Phone Numbers can be used for these two major reasons: 

For Business 

Disposable phone number

A disposable phone number can be used when you simply don’t desire to give out your personal or real phone number in business transactions. Often people do this to avoid unwanted calls or spam text messages.

For instance, it is easy to put a stop service on a disposable number once you have sold the item it is attached to on Amazon. 

For Privacy

People also use virtual phone numbers when they need to protect their privacy on the internet which acts as a burner phone. Others use it for business online in order to protect their private permanent phone from unwanted access to the general public. 

The ability to remain anonymous on the internet while making purchases, visiting websites, and using social media is valued by many people. 

It is different if you have an online business, or you want to register on websites anonymously. You no doubt want your customers and followers to be able to contact you without compromising your privacy.  

Second Phone Number™ is an app that can help you achieve all these as it functions as a real phone number and more.

How Disposable Numbers Can Protect Your Privacy?

 Disposable phone number

Second Phone Number™ temporary phone number helps you protect your privacy while allowing you to connect with customers of your business in the following areas: 

Protection From Spam Calls

Contrary to what you may think, privacy and efficiency can coexist. In fact, the more privacy you are guaranteed, the more efficient your services can be. 

A temporary phone number helps you filter genuine leads from pranksters. 

Your privacy is further protected because with Second Phone Number™ fake phone number calls can be directed to voicemail. 

You can then decide to either take such calls or reply with text messages and send SMS online for free. Prevent your personal cellphone number from being barraged with unwanted calls, let your disposable number take the heat, and let it work as a burner phone.

Unlimited Access to Numbers

To further improve your privacy, you can have an unlimited number of virtual numbers. 

You can have a number for each of your social networks, each of your websites, or your business. You are allowed to have the numbers of each of the websites you registered on. 

Having temporary phone numbers allows you to receive and make calls internationally while protecting your privacy. 

You can verify your accounts, and receive updates, enjoy free SMS, notifications, and promotions on your temporary phone numbers. 

Protecting your privacy, identity, and personal information from unwanted scrutiny and theft has never been so easy. 

Second Phone Number™ temporary phone number gives you end-to-end encryption that ensures that the content of your text messages is kept private. 

How Disposable Number Boosts Business Productivity

Disposable phone number

Second Phone Number™ is the best temporary phone number app to provide support for your business and increase productivity. 

Make Calls At Low Cost

Online businesses want to meet the needs of their customers anywhere in the world without the hindrance of any sort. 

With Second Phone Number™, you can increase productivity when you have multiple numbers for your business. 

Second Phone Number™allows you to cut costs when you make not just free SMS but also, low-cost phone calls, both local and international. 

Cheaper Marketing Campaigns

Sometimes all you need to do for your startup business is to save more by sending text messages instead of calling, and you can send an unlimited number of text messages. 

Your business can run cost-effective marketing campaigns. With unlimited text messages, you can send SMS online for free which will increase leads for your business without incurring too much cost.

Your sales team can all have the Second Phone Number™ app on their phones and take advantage of the many benefits of having a disposable number. 

It used to be a nuisance to have your phone ring endlessly even though it is past work time. 

A temporary phone number allows you the convenience of using your personal number without interruptions from your business phone. 

Second Phone Number™ fake phone number helps you to better organize your communication with your customers without compromising on your personal life, all in one phone. 

You can discard office phones, the maintenance of which eats into your finances, and check back on temporary phone numbers, you can have numbers in any location of your choice.

Build Customer Loyalty

Infuse some credibility into your communication with customers from other countries when you are able to call and text with numbers of their individual countries. 

Customer loyalty is important for businesses, and seemingly little things like being able to speak to them in their own local phone number gives your business an edge.

Renew Subscription Anytime, Anywhere. 

Enjoy an organized payment plan that can be easily added to your business weekly, monthly or yearly bills. 

Your business does not stall just because you are abroad or on vacation. You can continue to enjoy your disposable number just like your personal number. 

You can set voicemail hours in the setting of the Second Phone Number™ app. This helps you schedule your voicemail hours, this way you don’t receive calls outside business hours or days.

Your calls will go to voicemail on weekends, holidays, or when you are on vacation. 

But your business misses nothing while out of reach during those weekends because Second Phone Number™ saves your voicemails so you can listen to them again. 

And you can have access to your voicemails without having to pay for free. 

How Disposable Number Allows You Enjoy Trends

A disposable number allows you to follow and manage your social media favorite sites in the following ways: 

Protect Your Identity

You can have as many numbers as you want, register online with websites, shop online and have organizations contact your phone number for verification without fear. 

Everyone wants to be safe online. There are identity thieves all over the internet but disposable numbers can protect you from them. 

One way to achieve maximum protection is by registering on websites with a disposable number. Use disposable numbers on dating sites and football betting sites.

Protect Your Personal Number From Strangers

Give your number to potential dates and keep your personal number private. 

Keep up with your friends and trends with a disposable number, making those long calls at low costs. 

You can also have fun while using your number too. Much like how games get interesting when you earn coins. 

With Second Phone Number™ disposable numbers, you can accumulate coins which you can use to purchase more virtual numbers. 

Enjoy your social media to the fullest when you are able to talk on the phone with your new friends anywhere in the world. 

Get Romantic: record calls

Second Phone Number™ allows you to make calls and receive messages to any country of your choice. And you can record these calls with dates so you can replay fun times again and again. 

Share photos of these new friends across your social media by sending photos, videos, voice notes, files, and external links with them, and they with you. 

With Second Phone Number™ disposable phone numbers you can prevent prying eyes from viewing your messages.

Just swipe left and those receive messages are deleted without leaving a trace. You can delete individual messages within a conversation when you press and hold on it. 

Many people are conscious of the content of their phone and would lock it face ID.

You can do the same with your disposable number from Second Phone Number™. Use face ID or pin code to keep your Second Phone Number™ private in settings.

Get to know more about Second Phone Number™ which works just like a real phone number and more!