Tinder, like other reliable dating sites, offers members the chance to connect for love, hookup, and a romantic adventure. To create a Tinder account, you will be required to put an active phone number which a code will be sent for verification purposes. Do you need a phone number for Tinder? here is how to get a virtual number to use. 

What are virtual numbers?

Virtual phone numbers are unique numbers that help eliminate the problems with SIM coverages. Traditional SIM-only covers a particular location and becomes useless when you migrate to another place where it doesn’t cover. 

Also, certain mobile phones aren’t compatible with some SIMs. This is where virtual phone numbers come in, they help remove these problems because you don’t need physical SIMs and it has extended coverage across several countries. 

A virtual number works via mobile apps and Webs like Second Phone Number™, Google Voice, Skype, burner, and Textfree. It allows you to have multiple phone numbers, better security, and privacy at cheaper costs

Virtual phone numbers allow the Voice over Internet Protocol to bypass many problems that have been faced in the mobile industry. Getting a virtual number enables you to have a unique, fake phone number that you can use anywhere.

Benefits of getting a virtual number,  do you need a phone number for Tinder?

Virtual numbers are disposable numbers you can use for different reasons. Here are some benefits of using a virtual number on Tinder:

Do you need a phone number for tinder


While registering with a dating site like Tinder offers networking and friendship opportunities, one has to be careful when sharing their details.

 With virtual numbers like the ones generated from Second Phone Number™, you can easily dispose of it and protect your real phone number, if you want to cut off your relationship on Tinder. It offers privacy features and doesn’t require many details to get. 

Cheap calls

 Tinder is a place where you can meet people from various countries. For bonding reasons, one is usually forced to call and text people you meet on dating sites like Tinder.

 International phone calls can be expensive for everyone, it is important to find a cheaper alternative. A Virtual number offers a cheaper option when calling people you meet on Tinder. 

Easy call management

 If you use virtual numbers you will be able to manage all your calls like voice recordings, rerouting, and number identification.

 This lets you have better control of your number and you can be able to save who calls and text you.

Reduces missed calls

People often miss calls from lovers and friends on Tinder which could lead to disagreements and trust issues. However, with Second Phone Number™ Virtual number, you have assured no calls will be missed. 

Ability to have multiple numbers of your choice

Having many numbers increases your chances of registering multiple accounts with Tinder because it requires just one number for one account. When you use Second Phone Number™, you can get many accounts that you can use on dating sites to get more connection opportunities. 

The best Virtual number to use on tinder

Out of the several virtual numbers you can use to create a Tinder account, Second Phone Number™ remains the ideal choice for everybody. This is because of its features and functionalities which are great for Tinder members. 

Second Phone Number™ Virtual number app 

Second Phone Number™ Virtual app allows people to get a fake phone number to use on Tinder, keeping their real phone number private. The registration process is simple and it comes with a great UX design. This app can be downloaded for free on Apple and Google play store apps. 

It is available in several countries like the US, Canada, UK, Netherlands amongst others. Within a few months, it will have numbers for 35 more countries. 

Do you need a phone number for Tinder and why you should use Second Phone Number™?

 Here are some reasons to get a virtual number from Second Phone Number™: 

Do you need a phone number for tinder

Easy Porting features

Second Phone Number™ gives you a virtual number that permits you to forward your calls. Once you activate your virtual number app on Second Phone Number™, you can set them up and give everybody your number. You will just roam your new Second Phone Number™ with your present number.

 Permits you to block unwanted phone numbers

 Knowing people’s intentions from the start is pretty hard, therefore we sometimes give people who aren’t genuine our numbers. Once you discover that your number is with a scammer or fake person, you can easily block the person from your contact. When this is done, the person will not be able to reach you. 

Allows you to send pictures

Second Phone Number™ Virtual numbers allow users to send pictures and images to their contacts. You can also use some stickers and emojis to convert your expressions using this virtual number app.

 Voicemail transcription

With Second Phone Number™, you can easily transcribe any voicemail sent to you. This is a great feature because it allows easy reading of voice notes. 

Easy customization of tones

You can easily customize your ringtone on these new numbers. This Second Phone Number™ Virtual number gives many times which you can integrate to different numbers to identify who calls and messages you.

How do I get a virtual number for Tinder via Second Phone Number™? 

You can get a unique virtual number for Tinder to make calls and text everyone. With Second Phone Number™, you can manage your virtual number settings, text, and remove numbers you don’t want to contact you. 

Here are some steps to follow to get a virtual number from Second Phone Number™: 

       1.) Go to the Google and Apple stores to download the app. 

       2.) When the download is completed, install the app and register for a virtual number.

       3.) Fill in your billing plan and enter your billing information. 

       4.) Pick any of the available countries and get a virtual number of your choice. 

       5.) Copy the number and fill it in during the registration process on Tinder. 

These few steps will give you a Second Phone Number™ Virtual number. 


So this article should have answered if do you need a real phone number for Tinder. Have you tried registering on Tinder with a real phone number without success? If yes, use a reliable virtual number that you can use to call and text other members without a problem. Second Phone Number™ Virtual numbers offer the best features, are affordable, and are available in seven countries.

I hope this article guided you about your question, do you need a phone number for Tinder. Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.