You’ve probably realized the importance of a second phone number but you don’t know how to get a dummy phone number. While a fake phone number does not automatically mean a virtual phone number, it is the better option as it does not require an extra cell phone.

To get a virtual phone number, you’ll need a Second Phone Number™ mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple Store. Install the application and generate a fake phone number.

You’ll have a step-by-step guide on how to get a fake phone number at the end of this piece. Before then, let’s help you understand a virtual phone number.

What is a Dummy Phone Number?

Dummy Phone Number

A dummy phone number is what is also referred to as a second phone number. It is usually a virtual phone number that gives you more flexibility in communication without necessarily getting a second cell phone. Usually, with a fake phone number, especially with the regular registered phone numbers, you’ll have to procure a SIM card to get a second phone number. However, with a second phone number, you don’t need a SIM card or a new cell phone.

A fake phone number is accessible through a mobile application or website, and it can function for both local and international communication.

What Can You Use a Dummy Phone Number For?

Dummy Phone Number

There are times when your need for a second phone number isn’t obvious until you need to submit your phone number where you don’t feel it’ll be safe. Giving out your primary phone number on such sites – online dating and social media – may expose you to spam calls and messages. That is where a dummy number comes in.

There are a number of things you can use a dummy number for, and that is because they function as well as a regular SIM-reliant phone number.

Individual purposes

Fake phone numbers are as effective as SIM-reliant phone numbers in serving different communication purposes for individuals.

For calls, virtual phone numbers are used to make local and international calls at cheaper rates. With the Second Phone Number™ app, you can call your friends and family, home or abroad, because the app allows you to call numbers from your contact list.

You can also send messages – SMS and MMS – to your friends, and this service is free if your message recipient also uses Second Phone Number™.

Other services you can enjoy with a second phone number on Second Phone Number™ include voice message recording and communication expenditure tracking, among others.

Business purposes

Businesses can also use dummy numbers or fake phone numbers. They give your customers more access to you as they have more phone numbers to contact you on. Your business can use a dummy number for a host of things and foremost among them are calls and messaging.

Making and receiving calls in businesses can take a substantial part of the budget. You can cut back on your expenses on communication by using the Second Phone Number™ app to get a dummy cell number for your business. You can further save on communication costs by using the same all to generate a virtual phone number for your employees. With this app, you can get different fake phone numbers for different geographical locations in your country to help improve your potential customer reach. Alternatively, you can have a number with only the national prefix, if that’s what suits your business.

Take advantage of the free messaging on Second Phone Number™ by creating a messaging group on the app. You get information from your team and get work done faster.

Also, you get the luxury of declining calls after business hours. You can easily switch off your virtual phone number on the app and switch it back on during business hours.

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Dummy Cell Number?

Getting a dummy cell number does not cost nearly as much as getting a SIM-reliant second phone number. You only need to download a mobile app on your cell, create a dummy phone number, and start to use it.

When getting a second phone number that is SIM-reliant, you’ll have to spend about 5 USD. However, you can incur additional costs if you need another cell that costs an average of 400 USD. That amounts to an average total of 405 USD to get a SIM-reliant second phone number.

However, with a dummy phone number, you’ll only incur a recurrent bill that comes in weekly, monthly, or annually. After choosing your preferred billing schedule, you can get a dummy number for free. Also, you can get as many dummy numbers as you need. However, you’ll be charged for every communication on each second phone number, only cheaper than on a SIM-reliant phone number.

How to Get a Dummy Cell Phone Number

There are many avenues to getting a dummy cell phone number. You can choose a virtual phone number provider that charges you for every dummy number you create or one that helps you cut down on your communication expenses.

Second Phone Number™ is a virtual phone number provider that allows you to save on communication while giving you all the services you’ll get on a SIM-reliant phone number and more. Here’s how you can get a dummy number from Second Phone Number™.

  • Download and install the Second Phone Number™ app from your device’s app store; Google Play Store on Android devices and Apple Store on iOS devices.
  • Choose your preferred billing schedule and enter your card details.
  • Click on “Get a Number”. Choose your preferred country and locality, and generate your dummy cell phone number.
  • Purchase some coins and start using your dummy cell phone number.


A dummy phone number is usually a virtual phone number that serves as your second phone number. It is affordable and easy to get and does not need an extra cell to function.

While there are many virtual phone number providers, Second Phone Number™ is one of the best places to get a dummy phone number. It is cheap, flexible, and has a transparent billing feature.