In your search for getting a second phone number, you must have come across the term, Alias Phone Number. It is not a common term, but it is used to serve as a substitute or secondary cell or mobile number for personal and business purposes. Second phone numbers are typically virtual and can be connected to a primary phone number.

The easiest way to get a virtual phone number is through a burner number app, such as Second Phone Number™. It allows you to create as many alias numbers as you need while protecting your privacy and offering you affordable communication through free messaging and cheaper calls on your mobile phone.

In this article, you’ll understand what an alias phone number is. You’ll also know the benefits attached to using a temp phone number as a business and as an individual. Lastly, you know the easiest way to get a virtual phone number without compromising your personal information.

What is an Alias Phone Number?

An alias is an informal name ascribed to an entity, usually a person. However, an alias phone number is a sequence of digits ascribed to a mobile application on an individual’s cell. It is a phone number that serves as a secondary phone number for an individual or a business.

A virtual phone number also called a dummy phone number or a second phone number helps an individual to maintain anonymity, when they want to, during a communication. It is also called a proxy number through which a business or an individual is known other than their primary phone number.

Alias phone numbers function as well as any other phone number as they can make and receive calls, send and receive messages, and you can use them for verifying your accounts on different websites and applications.

Benefits of Using an Alias Phone Number

The use of alias phone numbers has increased in recent times due to different reasons. However, common among them are enumerated below.

Separate Work and Personal Life Numbers

Alias phone number

Enjoying the privacy of one’s personal life is as important as grinding during work hours. However, allowing one part of your life to spill into another may reduce the general quality of either part of living.

You can have your business number as a second phone number that customers can reach you on during work hours. Using a virtual phone number for business helps you control business communications better.

However, when you’re done with work for the day, you can have your personal life back by switching your alias phone numbers off and keeping your personal phone number on thus, keeping your caller ID private.

Your work and personal life do not overlap, except in special cases that you control.

Privacy Protection

As important as it is that we socialize as humans, being cautious, especially on the internet, has never been less important. It is impossible to fully determine how websites – online dating sites, social media platforms, and online retail stores – use the information you submit to them; hence, the need for better caution.

An alias number provides protection to your personal information, especially your personal phone number. Supply your virtual phone number on websites and apps, and use them instead of your personal cell phone number, to register on these sites.

You can also use an alias number for calls, as proxy phone numbers, when you don’t want your identity exposed.

Better Communication in Business

Alias phone number

Whether your business is large, medium, or small, communication helps it grow. You need good communication among all your business partners to maintain your standard but you need better communication to improve your standards. An alias phone number will help to improve communication in your business.

With apps such as Second Phone Number™ that provide second phone numbers, your business communication is easier and cheaper. You can generate virtual phone numbers for different locations in your country, making your business appear as though it is local to one place in the country by getting a phone number with local area code. Only that it appears so in every locale in your country.

Also, your employees can have temp phone numbers from Second Phone Number™, helping teams communicate better and get work done faster. With the group messaging feature on the Second Phone Number™ app, your employees get to pass messages across faster. Also, messaging will be free for them.

How to Get an Alias Phone Number

There are many ways to get an alias phone number, some are easy, others not so easy. Generally, you can get an alias phone number through mobile applications. However, they are categorized in two broad ways.

Free Alias Phone Numbers

The free means of getting an alias phone number is considered the easiest way but it isn’t the safest or most dependable source of virtual phone numbers.

You can get a free virtual phone number from free apps and websites. However, some of these sites only allow you to use the number for ten minutes. On expiration, and you need to keep using it, you’ll have to generate another one.

Paid Alias Phone Numbers

With paid second phone numbers, you’re not paying for the phone number but the services the phone number provider offers.

They are available in mobile apps and usually require you to pay some token before you can use them.

One of the most dependable ways to get a virtual phone number is through the Second Phone Number™ app.

       1.) Download the app from your device’s app store.

       2.) Choose your preferred billing schedule and provide your card details.

       3.) Generate an alias phone number by clicking the “Get a Number” prompt.

       4.) Choose your preferred country and city to create your alias phone number.

Note that with Second Phone Number™, you can create as many alias phone numbers as you need.


An alias phone number is a phone number that an individual or a business has other than their primary phone number. It is usually a virtual phone number that helps individuals to mask their identity when the need arises and helps businesses show their local presence.

Alias phone numbers are also called second phone numbers or virtual phone numbers. They function as well as regular phone numbers in communication and identity verification. However, they’re disposable.