Custom phone number is used by many groups of people all over the world. Some benefits come with using such numbers instead of regular numbers.

Should you need to have one for yourself or your business, there is the ideal way to go about getting one. You would find out about this here and so ensure that you keep reading. But first things first, we need to start by answering a very basic but important question.

What Is a Custom Telephone Number?

Custom phone number

Also known by the term “vanity phone number”, these are vanity phone numbers with numeric sequences that are easy to remember. They benefit a wide range of people but top on this list are businesses. This is considering how service, slogan, product… of the business can be reinforced thanks to what these numbers offer.

The easy-to-remember feature is one of the highlights of using such a vanity phone number. This is an advantage on its own. You can imagine using such a number as 888-555-8800 or 800-Pacific.

The reason is that some businesses that use regular local phone or business phone have their customers forget their telephone numbers without quick access to them. This is not likely to happen with this kind of vanity phone number and is why you are advised to make the most of them.

Two Major Options for Getting Custom Telephone Numbers

There is no one-tier option for getting this kind of vanity phone number. So, you need to understand the implications and benefits of getting yours using any of the options available. By and large, we have gathered that there are two major ways these telephone numbers can be gotten and they are:

Dealing with a Telecommunication Company

Just like you have regular custom numbers provided by telecommunication service providers, it is also possible to have custom numbers from them.

How you go about this depends on the telecommunication service provider that you have subscribed to. Some try as much as possible to make this process as simple as possible.

But even at that, one thing is certain. It is that trying to get it using this option is not a stroll in the park. The truth is that there are many hurdles to cross. Worse still is the fact that you might not end up with your desired vanity phone numbers and there are several reasons for this.

So, the million-dollar question here is “is there an easier way to get a custom telephone number?”. That would be a definite YES and you can find out more by paying particular attention to the next discussed option below.

Dealing with a Virtual Telephone Number Company

Thanks to the internet and those who have been able to leverage it for telecommunication purposes, getting a custom number is possible. But more importantly, getting it easily and with lots of positives alongside is possible with a vanity phone number company.

A virtual telephone number service provider that can offer as much as Second Phone Number™ will be good news to those who want custom telephone numbers. This is because they have a track record of offering vanity phone numbers with mouth watery offers. Some of the benefits that come with dealing with them, for this reason, include the following:

Easy to Set Up

Custom phone number

With Second Phone Number™, setting up this kind of telephone number is not difficult. It is something that can happen in a matter of minutes. That is how easy this service provider has made things. To set up this sort of number you would need to:

  • Download the App – This is largely dependent on your device. Those that use android devices would have to visit Google Play Store for this reason. They would be able to get the device compatible app for their device there. Those that use iOS devices would have to visit the Apple store for this purpose. It is there they would be able to get the device compatible app for their gadget.
  • Create the Custom Number – This is the part where it gets juicy even though more are coming. At this point, you get to live the dream of choosing the desired number. With a notable service provider like Second Phone Number™, you should get your desired number as long as another user is not using it currently. There are lots of vanity phone numbers that would tick all the right boxes so this would not be an issue.
  • Choose a Package – With Second Phone Number™, there are lots of packages for customers. So, you can identify one that fits right in and choose. The choice would have to do with the amount to be paid for the subscription and what comes as a result.
  • Start to Communicate – After meeting all the requirements above, you would be able to make and receive calls and text messaging using your chosen vanity phone number.

From all of this, you can tell that it is not a difficult process. This is especially given how all these steps can play out in just a few minutes. This is thanks to what reputable service providers like Second Phone Number™ have to offer.  

Consumer-Friendly Plans and Promotions

With a service provider like Second Phone Number™, there is the understanding that it is different strokes for different folks. This is why there are several service plans in place to meet the varying needs of consumers. This is what a good service provider should do and that makes an option like Second Phone Number™ very high up on the list of service providers that should be considered.

Other than this, you should pay attention to working with a generous service provider when trying to get a custom telephone number from a virtual phone number company. To this end, you should know that Second Phone Number™ is very good in this regard. They even have a channel where promotions are advertised.

However, some of their regular incentives happen when two Second Phone Number™ numbers make contact with each other. This is both for calls as well as text messaging.

Wrap up

As we have established here, there are two options for those that need custom phone numbers. Working with a virtual telephone number company is the better option for several reasons, like getting toll free vanity numbers and more .

However, you need to work with the best of the bunch to have the best experience. We have explained why an option like Second Phone Number™ is very high up on the list and hope that you make the right decisions from now on.