Have you ever wondered about getting a second line phone number? for many people, there is the need to get another phone number probably for business for platforms such as Craigslist or online dating profiles. This can be quite demanding especially if you consider the stress of getting a new SIM card or a new phone. The most common option available to business owners is to get a landline for their office space.

But times are changing and many communications are doing away with the wires for more flexible choices. Moreover, getting a landline can incur extra costs for small businesses and cannot be easily carried away from the office. So how if landlines are out of the solution, how do you get a second number without any expensive landline?

Why you should get a second line phone number?

second line phone number

There are many reasons why people need a second phone number. For many business owners, keeping a clear-cut difference between personal life and work is not always easy. If this is your case, you might consider getting a second line. More than keeping things simple, getting a second line phone number has several benefits such as;


Whether for social media platforms we use or for online shopping, privacy remains an interesting concern in the world today. For instance, using your number, there is the risk of putting too much personal information or your caller ID out there especially when you are using a third-party website. Thus, a second line phone number helps protect your privacy.

Creates a positive image for your company

Whether for your website or listings on Google and Google Maps, you would need a phone number. If you use a personal line for this, there is a chance of mixing conversations which can negatively affect the image of your business. Using a different number for your business helps to improve the image of your business or company. This way, you have a unique number that can be used on your websites, listings, and social media pages.

Sets personal boundaries

The issue most business owners face is clamping up personal life with business. When you use the same phone number for both personal life and business, it is not exactly easy to identify a caller. However, by choosing a second number most preferable, a virtual line, you would be able to separate between a friend calling and a business call.

As a small business owner, there is the chance to develop close relationships with your clients. If you use your phone number for this, there is the chance that you would still get calls and text messages from prospective customers way past business hours. Keeping a second line phone number helps you set clear personal boundaries so you can have time for yourself and your family.

For tracking customer calls and campaigns

With a second line phone number, it is easier to identify your callers. When your personal line is kept separate from the business line, you can easily identify whether a caller is calling for business or personal reasons. Furthermore, you can also use your business phone number in marketing campaigns and on websites.

Allows you to do business from anywhere

Landlines offer you another phone number for your business but the downside is that they are tied down to a particular location. Since virtual numbers are not tied to a particular location, getting one means you would be able to reach out to your customers anywhere in the world. This way, your business is not affected by distance even when you travel.

How to get a second line phone number without any expensive landline

Having established the importance of having a second number and the expensive cost of getting a landline, your alternative is to get a virtual number. A virtual phone number gives you all the benefits of a regular or local phone number except that there is no SIM card. For times like this when getting a dual-sim phone is becoming more difficult, this is the best option.

To reap the benefit of using a virtual phone number, you would need to download the Second Phone Number™ app. Second Phone Number™ offers a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that allows you to make and receive calls and texts through your service provider directly over the internet. It creates a virtual phone number within your phone that you can use to reach anyone in the world. This way, without a SIM card, you have another number on your phone.

So how do you plunge into the world of virtual phone numbers

       1.) Download the app for your Android or iOS

       2.) Set up your Second Phone Number™ account

       3.) Select your subscription plan, and start a free trial

       4.) Select your phone number

       5.) Enjoy your virtual phone number

Benefits of getting a second line phone number from Second Phone Number™

second line phone number

The advantage of Second Phone Number™ for your second line phone number includes;

       1.) It is easy to set up and use.

       2.) It offers calling and messaging features just as you would on your phone with a SIM.

       3.) Second Phone Number™ is available for Android and iOS meaning you do not have to change your device to use it.

       4.) It can be used on any device; smartphone, tablet, laptop

       5.) It is cheap since you do not have to purchase a new device or a new SIM card

       6.) It is not only limited to business uses as it can be used by anyone who needs privacy

       7.) There is no limit to the number of second line phone numbers you can create on Second Phone Number™ 

       8.) On Second Phone Number™, you are not limited to just numbers within your geographical zone. You could also create international numbers.


Landlines are fast diminishing, that’s a fact. Whether for personal or business use, getting a landline could be more expensive. With recent technology, if you need a second line phone number, there are easier and more affordable means you can easily get this done. So considering a landline for a second phone number is not exactly the best option.

Your best option is to get a virtual phone number from Second Phone Number™, start your free trial now!