The idea of using Google second phone number is appealing to many because of the brand, and it is said to be free, but is it? There are many mobile phone applications and websites that offer second phone number provision services, but many people, especially in the United States and Canada seem to prefer Google Voice to the others.

Despite being an established brand, Google Voice by Google, is not the best second phone number provider; Second Phone Number™ is better. Some of the reasons Second Phone Number™ service is better than Google Voice’s include their reach, transparent pricing, and better call features.

In this article, you’ll see some of the reasons you should consider Second Phone Number™ services over Google Voice. You’ll understand what Google second phone number (Google Voice) and Second Phone Number™ stand to offer you and make an informed decision on which is better for you.

What is Google Voice – Google Second Phone Number?

Google Voice is a second phone provider service created by Google and operating through a mobile application and a website with. It helps its users create a second phone number for free, and reroutes their calls through that number. Essentially, users of Google second phone number (Google Voice) can make and receive calls via their second phone number to any phone number they’ve redirected their calls to.

Users of Google Voice have access to their account through their Google account, and they can use this service on their computers – through the web- and their mobile phone devices- through the app. They can easily manage calls due to features such as voicemail recording, caller screening – to block spam calls, and text messaging.

Although Google Voice app is available for free, there are some hidden costs, especially for the web-based operations for users who want the full experience. Also, the voicemail message transcription is one of the letdowns of the Google second phone number service.

What is Second Phone Number™?

Second Phone Number™  is a mobile application, for Android devices, that provides a second phone number for its users. The app has features that makes it a phone within a phone, as its users can make calls, send texts to local and international numbers using the second phone numbers they’ve created using the app.

Users can create as many second phone numbers as they want, choosing their preferred country and locality for the number they want. These numbers can reroute calls to users’ real phone numbers, and help them to manage communication better.

The Second Phone Number™ app has features – voicemail, call recording, video call – that help to make communication through calls easier. Also, messaging through SMS, MMS, group messaging, and audio messaging, makes the experience worthwhile.

Reasons Second Phone Number™ Service is Better Than Google Voice

Here are some reasons why you may be better off choosing Second Phone Number™ over Google second phone number (Google Voice).

Google second phone number


Quality communication isn’t a question of location anymore, especially now that you can easily reroute your calls to any number anywhere in the world. However, our focus on second phone number providers differs in their service locations.

Google Voice is available to users in the United States and Canada – it wasn’t available to Alaska and Hawaii until recently – for free. Users who are interested in using Google Voice services are unable to do so if they don’t have a US phone number or their location is not the United States. Once you click on the app in the Google Play Store, and you’re not in the US or Canada, you’ll be unable to download it.

However, Second Phone Number™ provides its second phone number services to over 35 countries – including Brazil and Puerto Rico. You can easily download the app to your Android device in any country but the second phone numbers available to you are from the 35+ countries it currently offers its services to.

Group messaging

Group messaging is a feature that makes communication through messaging easier. It helps users to transmit messages to a fairly large audience at once.

Google Voice supports communication through messaging on the app and the web. However, sending text messages to a group is impossible on the web with Google Voice, although you can do so with the mobile app.

The Second Phone Number™ app allows users to send group messages without restriction. Since its users have only the app as a communication medium, they are inclined to use it for such messaging. Users can also send pictures and files with this feature.

Pricing Transparency

Downloading the Google Voice and Second Phone Number™ apps from Google Play Store is free. However, users incur some costs with communication.

Google Voice app is free, even with calls and texts, for some areas in the United States and Canada. However, international calls are charged at the rate users have to research from Google. Also, web-based communication using Google second phone number attracts extra costs with Google Chrome.

On the other hand, Second Phone Number™ is free to download but users select their preferred billing schedule – weekly, monthly, or annually. The cost of communication is transparent as users have to buy coins and they see how they spend their coins on communication in real-time. It’s important to note that users get 10 free coins in registration.

More Call Features

Dialing a number and talking isn’t enough for the call features these days. Voicemail and call recording are some of the important features of the call function on Google Voice and the Second Phone Number™ apps.

On Google Voice, users can customize their voicemail greeting, transcribe their voicemail messages, and record incoming calls. However, the voicemail message transcriptions are not dependable as misinterpretations are common occurrences. Restriction of call recordings to incoming calls isn’t beneficial to many, especially journalists.

Second Phone Number™, on the other hand, allows incoming and outgoing calls to be recorded, as long as it is legal in your country. Also, you can record voicemail messages, and save them for reference purposes. Also, video call is another call feature on the Second Phone Number™ app.

Easy App Navigation

Google second phone number

Setting the operation of the app is easy on both Google second phone number and Second Phone Number™; however, one is easier than the other.

The Google Voice web operation helps users to set and manage their communication. However, it can get complicated when you have to set numerous destination phone numbers for your Google second phone number.

With Second Phone Number™, all communication management is done on the app. A simple tap on the settings icon leads users to the configuration and communication management section of the app.


Google second phone number  (Google Voice) and Second Phone Number™ are second phone number providers that use mobile applications to deliver their services, although Google Voice uses the web too. Second Phone Number™ is the better service provider as it is available to more locations, has more transparent pricing, and has more call and messaging features.