As a business owner, getting your product or service out there is important. But if you have tried regular marketing methods with little or not enough results, you should try personal selling. Across different levels of marketing, nothing beats reaching your targeted customers directly.

In simple terms, personal selling means creating awareness through sales representative-customer contact. Here, the sales representative is in direct contact with a customer or prospective customers and effective communication becomes necessary. For the best result, you should choose the best modes of communication.

Still not sure how personal selling can help reduce your marketing cost? Read further.

Benefits of Personal Selling

how can personal selling reduce the costs of promoting a product or service?

Personal selling involves getting in direct contact with your prospect to understand their needs and to show them how your product can solve that. As a means of advertising, it has numerous benefits such as 

  • Encourages clear one on one communication

People buy from someone they can trust. Being in personal contact with your client helps build that relationship and gender trust. With this kind of relationship, you have clear one on one communication that encourages your client to properly voice out their need

  • Makes it easy to explain what you offer

Sometimes, the reason you spend so much on advertisements is that your potential clients do not understand your product. While the customer has a need, on personal contact, you would be able to explain to them what your product can help them with. If there are after-sales issues, these can be rectified.

  • Is versatile when being carried out

If you choose to place a personal call to the prospective customer, you could spend as much time as you want to discuss your product or service. This brings versatility to marketing. You do not have to draw up an advert schedule as your advertisement becomes versatile and flexible

  • It is far more effective than other forms of promotion

It has been clearly shown that personal calling is more effective first because it lets you meet the perfect customer. Through this, you can cut down marketing or promotional costs while getting the desired result.

How to promote a product or service using personal selling

We know how much promoting a product or service can cost that is why many of us embark on personal selling. This can be easily done even if you do not know just follow these steps;

  • Finding a prospective customer

This is also called prospecting and can be qualified as seeking out the most appropriate customer for your product. The idea here is that you are looking for the right person that needs your product so badly and is waiting for you to call them. In a way, you are like a guardian of a secret solution and you are searching for the right person to pass it onto. This could be done in several ways and requires different times of research.

  • Pre-Approach and Approach

Having identified your prospect, it is important to determine the best method or approach to take. Would it be better to cold call them or to send them emails? Knowing what works best for each customer is necessary as the same method may not work for two people. Once that is done, the approach step covers how you introduce yourself to your prospect.

  • Presentation and Demonstration 

Presentations are inevitable in business transactions. You might need to make certain demonstrations to capture the interest of the customer and to give an understanding.

  • Overcoming Objections

Because of the needs and expectations of the customers, objections will probably exist often as questions. To handle this well, anticipate and prepare for possible questions.

  • Closing

At this point, the business is ready to be called business by either party. Your pitch went well and the customer has either accepted or declined the offer. Then you bring the promotion to a close. The closing is also as important as the introduction as clients who resisted earlier could have a change of mind.

  • Follow-Up and Maintenance

This can be considered the second part of the business, and this point insinuates that the sales representative won the first part. This part includes the sales representative visiting the customer to offer services to solve problems he might encounter while using the product.

Why you should use a Virtual Number for Personal selling

A lot of business communications take place over the phone. People could send SMS or social media messages, but phone calls get responded to too fast so you might want to use that instead. For that, you would need a second line phone number if you are considering personal calling to promote your product and service. 

For one, it makes it easier for you to differentiate between personal and business calls. Best still, get a virtual phone number. Virtual phone numbers are becoming popular amongst business owners because they are convenient, cheap, and easy to get. They eliminate the stress and cost of getting a new SIM card or a new device for personal calling.

If using a virtual phone number is so good for business, and better still for personal selling, how do you know what virtual number to use?  

Second Phone Number™- the best virtual phone number for Promoting a product or service

Considering a virtual number for any reason, Second Phone Number™ is the best option. It is easy to use just like you would use any other phone number and is affordable. One big advantage of Second Phone Number™ is that you could choose any local and international numbers with no limit on the number of phone numbers you can have. 

Also, just as a regular phone number, you would be able to use your virtual phone number to not just make calls but also to send and receive messages.

Setting up your virtual phone number from Second Phone Number™ can be done in 3 steps

       1.) Download the Second Phone Number™ app for your OS

       2.) Create your account

       3.) Select a subscription 

       4.) Select any phone number of your choice

Once that is done, you are set to give your business the recognition it deserves.