In this post, we’ll explain how phone numbers in The Philippines work, what area codes you should be familiar with, how you can connect to those numbers, the most efficient ways to complete international phone calls, and how you can meet those calls at the lowest rates possible.

Take the time to go through this complete “how to call guide”, and you’ll be prepared when the need finally arises to make a call to The Philippines. Enjoy this guide! 

Calling The Philippines from the US is simple. You need to understand how to make an international call with the Philippine area code.

To call The Philippines from the US, make sure your phone is set up for international calls. If you’re calling The Philippines from a cell phone, you might need to enable international calls with your carrier. If you’re calling The Philippines from an office phone, check with your boss to make sure international calls are allowed or use a virtual phone number.

Whether you’re calling your friends or family or girlfriend or boyfriend, arranging your next vacation or holiday, meeting with business partners, or conducting a remote interview with a candidate, the process for making a call to The Philippines is the same. If, however, you call The Philippines frequently or anticipate doing so in the future, your strategy might change—because making regular calls to The Philippines can add up.

To call The Philippines, you need to consider:

      1.) If you’re calling a cell phone or landline

      2.) The area code of the place in the country you’re calling.

      3.) How much the call will cost – be careful! 


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How to call The Philippines from the USA

How to call philippines from US

Calling The Philippines from the USA is simple! Follow these steps to call The Philippines:

      1. Dial the exit code 011. This will let your carrier know you’re going to make an international call.

      2. Dial 52, the Philippines country code. This will convey to your carrier that you will call The Philippines.

      3. Calling The Philippines with a cell phone. If you’re calling a Philippine cell phone, dial 1 after the area code.

      4. Remove trunk code. If the phone number has a trunk code. Trunk codes are 01, 045 or 044 and are used exclusively for domestic calls, depending on whether you’re calling a landline or a cell phone.

      5. Enter the area code. Note that the area code is two digits in The Philippines’ three largest cities (Manila and Davao). In the rest of the country, the area code is three digits. Refer to The Philippines’s area codes below.

      6. Phone number. Now type in the full phone number and call the Philippines from the United States.

Examples of how to call The Philippines from the USA

To help you understand how to call The Philippines from the USA, we’ll look at some examples. Let’s say you want to call a cell phone number in Manila that’s typed out as 045 998 555 5555. You’d apply the steps we outlined above in the following way:

      1. Enter 011.

      2. Add on The Philippines country code, 52.

      3. Remove “063” from the number.

      4. Type the number’s remaining digits, including the 998 area code (998 555 5555).

You should have this number typed on your phone by the time you dial: 011-52-998-555-5555.

The process would be exactly the same if you wanted to reach a landline number instead of a mobile number.

Quick tip

Usually, it costs more to call cell phones than fixed landlines. You should make sure that you know which type of number you are calling – landline or cellphone – so you don’t get surprised by the cost.

How to minimize your calling costs to the Philippines

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