Keeping track of a phone and phone number’s activities requires that you must learn how to clone a phone number without SIM card or new sim card, especially now that virtual phone numbers are common. You can use this method of cloning phone numbers without going through the stress of looking for device numbers or clone a sim card and visiting websites for them. With the Second Phone Number™ app, you’ll get it done easily.

To clone a phone number without a SIM card, you’ll usually need to get your device’s secret menu key and electronic serial number, ESN. However, you can clone a phone number without SIM with just the Second Phone Number™ app. One of such ways is to have your virtual phone number, on the app, active on two mobile devices. The other way is to reroute communications, at certain times, to another phone number.

In this article, you’ll understand what phone number cloning is, and the purpose it serves. You’ll also get to know how to clone a phone number without a SIM card, using the Second Phone Number™ app.

What Does it Mean to Clone a Phone Number?

Cloning a phone number means duplicating the content – calls, and text messages – on a phone number to the same phone number on another device. Cloning a phone number is a way of keeping track of communication on another phone that has the same phone number as the one you’re with. It is commonly used to backup content of an android phone, iOS devices or phone number, and monitor the communication of a party, usually employees and children.

Although there are claims that phone number cloning is illegal, there are no laws against monitoring communication among employees – especially when it affects your business – and children – to know who they’re having conversations, with and what type. However, it may be a violation of some people’s privacy, which may be illegal in some countries.

Why Clone a Phone Number?

Different people clone a phone number for different reasons, and some of them may be malicious. However, there are ethical reasons as to why and ways to clone a phone number without SIM card. The most important ones are:

Monitor communication

How to clone a phone number without sim card

In a business setting, where employees are given virtual phone numbers, usually postpaid, it is common to find some employees who abuse the use of their postpaid virtual phone numbers. Some of them call family and friends for hours with the organization’s numbers. Cloning these phone numbers, and monitoring them, helps to know which employee does this.

When employees’ phone numbers are monitored, communication with customers is under scrutiny, and the management knows which employee has the best and worst communication skills. Also, they can monitor how each employee effectively uses their communication channels.

Backup Communication

The loss of communication records can be a serious problem in an organization; hence, the need to have secondary storage for communication records, including call logs and content – where it is legal.

A phone number that has been cloned automatically has a backup for its communication records. In an event where the mobile device housing that phone number is lost, the communication records can easily be recovered from the backup.

Manage Communication

As a business owner with a business phone number, you need to be in contact with your customers, at least during work hours, even when you’re not in your place of work. Cloning your business phone number gives you the ability to manage communication effectively.

With a cloned phone number, you can travel out of state, and remain reachable to your customers. You can also switch the number on and off as you’ll normally do when work opens and closes.

Steps on How to Clone a Phone Number Without a SIM Card.

How to clone a phone number without sim card

Generally, there are two ways how to clone a phone number without SIM cards or buy a new phone. However, to learn how to clone a phone number without SIM card, there is one way to achieve that effortlessly, although there are other stressful ways.

Using a Secret Menu Number

This method of cloning a phone number entails visiting a website to get your device’s secret menu number, using it to unlock your android phone or iPhone, and using it to get that device’s electronic serial number. You’ll have to enter that electronic serial number into the other device to sync the phone number content. 

Step by step, the process is:

        1. ) Visit a website that allows you to see your device’s menu number – mobile phone hacks are one such website.

        2. ) Search for your device’s name and model on the website.

        3. ) Write down the Secret Menu number displayed for your device.

        4. ) On your target phone, activate your internet connection.

        5. ) Enter the secret menu number on your phone. A number – an electronic serial number – will appear on your screen. Write it down.

        6. ) Repeat the processes 1 to 3 on the other phone.

        7. ) Access the electronic serial number – ESN – using the menu number for that device.

        8. ) Replace its ESN with the first phone.

        9. ) Save changes and you have successfully cloned that phone number.

Using Mobile Applications

Alternatively, you can avoid the stress of searching for a secret menu number by using an app. While there are many apps that will show you how to clone a phone number without SIM card, Second Phone Number™ does so without the need for a SIM card.

        1. ) Download the Second Phone Number™ app from Google Play Store on the other device, assuming you have it on the device with the phone number.

        2. ) Install and open the app using your Gmail account on the other device.

        3. ) You’ll land on a familiar homepage.

        4. ) Check your virtual phone numbers and see if the phone number you want to clone is active.

        5. ) Activate your virtual phone numbers on the first device, and see the change reflect on the other device.

        6. ) You have successfully cloned your phone number without a SIM card.

Note that you can clone as many virtual phone numbers as you want with the Second Phone Number™ app.


Monitoring, backing up, and managing communication like text messages requires you to know how to clone a phone number without SIM card. However, it is easy to achieve that with the Second Phone Number™ app, available on Google Play Store.