If you’ve been receiving unending calls from a number you wish you hadn’t called with your registered phone number, you’ll understand why you need to know how to create a fake phone number. Creating and using a second phone number goes beyond prioritizing your privacy but also includes controlling communication and its costs. You can create a fake number in a few steps with the Second Phone Number™ app.

The steps to create a fake phone number begin with downloading the Second Phone Number™ app from your Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Install the app and choose your preferred billing schedule. Once you’ve successfully registered, you can create as many second phone numbers as you want.

This article will expose you to how to create a fake phone number using the Second Phone Number™ app. You’ll also get to understand the reasons you should have a fake phone number that works as a real phone number.

What is a Fake Phone Number?

A phone number is a unique sequence of digits assigned to a telephone line subscriber. Consider it an address stored in the chip of the sim cards you have in your mobile phones. They are required to be registered in order to be assigned to a specific user, and that means some of your personal details are stored on your sim card.

However, a fake number is a sequence of digits that differs from a normal phone number only in having some of your personal details and the need for a sim card. A virtual phone number does everything a normal phone number will do – make and receive calls, send and receive text messages and MMS, register on some websites, and receive verification codes.

A second phone number is assigned to a user without the need for their personal details, such as their name or social security number. It is mostly used by individuals, and sometimes businesses, that want to keep their identities secret and control their communication.

Reasons You Should Have a Fake Phone Number

Fake Phone Number

Owning a virtual phone number used to be something that is peculiar to secret agents in some organizations. However, with the increased need for users’ data by different websites and organizations, that can easily be gotten through their registered phone numbers, the need for fake numbers has become more obvious. Some of them include:

Personal Data Protection

Protecting one’s personal data is the most obvious reason for wanting to have a fake phone number.  In a world where blackmail is rife and there’s more dependence on internet usage, a registered phone number allowed to be in circulation can compromise one’s personal data. If your phone number gets into the hands of the wrong set of people, there’s no limit to the damage that can cause.

A fake phone number helps to ensure that your personal data is protected from the public or even hackers. Since you’re not required to register any personal details to enable you to create and use a virtual phone number, you can supply these numbers on online dating sites without fear of personal data compromise.

Communication Control

You get to talk to who you want when you want. With fake numbers, it is easy for you to end communication with people you don’t want to keep in contact with anymore, by changing your number. You have no worries as to having to go through the hassle of purchasing a new sim card, and registering your details to get it activated.

You can easily generate a new fake phone number when you need one and control who you communicate with. Whether you’re being pelted with numerous text messages from an unknown source, or calls that seem threatening, to a fake number. All you have to do is get another fake number and you have solved that problem.

Lesser Communication Cost

Sometimes, the cost of making calls can be staggering, especially for international calls. A registered phone number in a particular country may be useless in another country, prompting a traveler to purchase another sim card to enable communication. In other cases, the cost of making international calls makes communication with your loved ones abroad discouraging.

However, with a fake phone number that you can get on Second Phone Number™, you’ll be able to monitor how much you spend on calls. Not to mention you needn’t make any purchase to enable calls regardless of where you’ve traveled to.

How to Get a Fake Phone Number

Fake Phone Number

There are numerous ways to get a fake phone number but you stand to enjoy ease and affordability when you choose to get it from Second Phone Number™. The process of getting a second phone number is easy, especially now.

To get a fake phone number, you can either:

Get a Fake Phone Number for Free

Some websites and mobile phone applications offer fake phone number services for free. However, most of these websites and mobile apps deactivate the phone number after some minutes – some are as short as ten minutes.

While free fake phone numbers can be handy, they aren’t reliable. And there’s the worry that free things come with a catch.

Buy a Virtual Number

The most reliable option, especially if you want a temporary phone number that will serve you for some time, is to buy a second phone number. As there are websites and mobile applications that give you free virtual phone numbers, there are those that allow you to have as many fake phone numbers at a price.

Second Phone Number™ is one of the best mobile applications that allow you to have as many virtual numbers as you want, regardless of your billing schedule.  

How to Create a Fake Phone Number

It is best if you create a fake number by subscribing to the virtual number-creation on Second Phone Number™. Creating a virtual phone number on Second Phone Number™ is easy as long as you follow these steps.

Download the Second Phone Number™ app from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

      1.) Install the application.

      2.) Choose a billing schedule and supply your card details.

      3.) Create a custom local or international phone number.

      4.) Start calling and messaging with the phone number.

Note: You can create as many virtual numbers as you want on Second Phone Number™, and you can retrieve discarded numbers within the 30-day grace period.


A fake number is important to help you protect your personal data from the public and reduce the costs of communication. You can create your temporary phone number by using the Second Phone Number™ app, available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.