Tinder is a dating site that offers people the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world. You can meet people, chat with them and share photos with dating mates.

However, registering with Tinder requires using a valid phone number which needs to be validated before you can use the website. However many people don’t like using their real numbers on Tinder because of privacy and other concerns.

Today, we will talk about how to get a fake phone number or a new number for Tinder and keep your real phone number to protect your privacy.

Why you should get a new number for Tinder

Usually, many people need virtual and new numbers for dating apps to evade tracking and for phishing activities, however here are some genuine reasons why you might need a new phone number for Tinder:

How to get a new number for tinder

Privacy concerns

Today privacy is a huge issue online, so everyone is careful about how they share their personal information. Many social media platforms ask for private details which might expose individuals to threats from hackers and fraudsters.

 Better communication control

Getting a new phone number for Tinder allows you to manage those on your contact list. You get to decide who you want to talk to and can easily block those you feel you aren’t comfortable with. You can get a new virtual number for your iPhone and android and give only those you trust. 

Cost-Effective reasons

Many times the rates of making calls are on the rise, especially when communicating with people in another country. Huge calls cost can limit the time spent with those you meet on tinder and you will have to rationalize when you call them. 

But when you buy a new virtual number like Second Phone Number™, you are offered quality service at cheaper rates and you have unlimited access to speak to your Tinder dates. 

Security concerns

Security is very important especially when you are on dating sites. Since you will be having regular communication with those you aren’t that familiar with, it is expected that safety will be on top of your list.

 With a new number, you will be able to protect your identity, if things go south. You won’t be able to be tracked and everything you do will be secure. 

New virtual numbers like the ones offered by Second Phone Number™ have encrypted SSL service which guarantees your online security.

 How to get a new number for Tinder?

 To get a new phone number for dating sites like Tinder, there are several options available for Android and IOS users. While many Virtual number apps generate new numbers, not all are reliable. Using the Second Phone Number™  app remains the best choice for people who want to register on Tinder. 

Let’s get a look at the Second Phone Number™ app and its numerous features. 

Second Phone Number™

Second Phone Number™ is the best app where you can get a new number for Tinder. You can download it free from Google Play and Apple stores. With this app, you can get virtual numbers that guarantee privacy, security and you can discard them anytime you want. 

The new numbers offered on this app can be used to make local and foreign calls. It is available in several countries which include the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Finland, and the Netherlands. Very soon, this virtual number app hopes to expand to about 35 countries. 

Features of the Second Phone Number™ Virtual number

 Here are some unique features of the Second Phone Number™ app:

How to get a new number for tinder

Easy registration

To get your new number from this app, you can easily register on their platform using an active email address and password. Their sign-up process takes between one to two minutes. 

Quick setup and installation

After registering on the site, you can easily install the software and set up your new number quickly. This can be done via their settings which can be found at the top corner of the site. It takes approximately 3 minutes to set up your new number for Tinder.

New Numbers can be accessed everywhere

The new numbers generated from Second Phone Number™ can be accessed from anywhere in the world. You don’t need a working sim to activate it and the coverage is global.

 Instant activation

 After you have installed and set up the app, you can immediately activate it and use it on the Tinder dating platform. You can either activate it via receiving a call or SMS messages. 

Regular updates and upgrades

To meet customers’ needs and desires, the Second Phone Number™ app offers customers regular upgrades which enhances the numbers function and makes it work better on all operating systems. 

Call conference

Are you interested in making calls with groups of friends or family members, Second Phone Number™ has you covered? You can edit your settings to allow three to seven people to join you in a conference call.

Steps on how to get a new number for Tinder

Irrespective of the reasons you want to have a new number for Tinder dating sites or social media, using a reliable second number app like Second Phone Number™ is ideal. 

Second Phone Number™ offers the best new numbers that you can use for Tinder phone number verification. You can easily manage your calls, text, and video communications. Check the guide on how to get a new number for Tinder from Second Phone Number™, here are the processes: 

     1.) Download the Second Phone Number™ app via the Google Play and Apple Play store. 

     2.) Install the app and register for your new number. 

     3.) Select a billing plan which you are comfortable with and input your billing information. 

     4.) Choose a country of your choice and generate a new number for Tinder. You can generate as many new numbers as you will like. 

     5.) Proceed to the Tinder website and use the virtual number for phone number verification.


The tinder dating app is one of the best dating sites where you can meet people for love, sex, and companionship. Many people are stuck with getting a number to use during the phone number verification process

 However, you don’t need to worry about how to get a fake phone number or a new number for Tinder because the Second Phone Number™ app has you covered. With this virtual number app, you can easily generate new numbers to use on tinder at cheap rates.