A phone number without a SIM card is called a virtual phone number but how to get a phone number without a sim card? and is it available throughout the world?, although some countries, especially third world countries, may find it hard to get virtual phone numbers. They are easy to create and are available for free and on paid platforms. However, the quality of service a virtual phone number user gets varies among providers and regions.

To get a virtual phone number, web-based platforms and mobile applications are available as sources. Virtual phone number providers use either or both of these means to help users of their service generate virtual phone numbers, otherwise called second phone numbers. One of the most common means of getting a virtual phone number is through Second Phone Number™.

In this article, you’ll understand how to get a phone number without a SIM card. You’ll also understand how these virtual phone numbers work, and how you can get one.

Phone Number without SIM card – Virtual Phone Number

How to get a phone number without a sim card

In order to communicate with someone miles away, you need a phone – a landline or a mobile phone – that is serviced by a SIM card. The SIM card stores information such as the phone number that is ascribed to any mobile phone it is inserted into. When a caller dials the phone number stored by that SIM card, the mobile phone bearing it rings.

In the same way, a phone number that works without a SIM card, called a virtual phone number, works on any mobile phone the phone number is ascribed to. In its case, it uses a mobile application or website in place of a SIM card.

A virtual phone number works as well as, if not better than, a SIM-reliant phone number. It can make and receive calls, send and receive SMS and MMS, it can be used for phone number verification, among other things. It is an effective and economical means of having a second phone number that you can use for your business or personal use.

How Do Virtual Phone Numbers Work?

Virtual phone numbers, or second phone numbers, work in a similar way to SIM-reliant phone numbers. Users create or generate a virtual phone number and they are ready to initiate and respond to any form of digital communication.

When a user creates a virtual phone number on a mobile app installed on an Android device, the number can be used as an independent phone number for communication, or it can serve as a proxy phone number, masking the real phone number. Many people use their virtual phone numbers to reroute calls to their real phone numbers.

When a caller dials a virtual phone number, depending on the receiver’s settings, the call does one of two things:

      1.) It goes directly to the phone number and causes the phone to ring, or redirect to voicemail.

      2.) It goes to the virtual phone number, reroutes through the cloud, and goes to the real phone number, causing the phone to ring or redirect the call to voicemail.

The same working principle applies to messaging a virtual phone number.

Why Do You Need a Phone Number Without a SIM Card?

How to get a phone number without a sim card

Many people have different reasons for using virtual phone numbers. The reason you need a virtual phone number may be one of these.

Privacy and Personal Information Protection

In this age when personal details are used by companies for different reasons, you can’t be too careful with protecting your personal information. Unethical use of customers’ information is rampant and you can protect yourself from personal information leaks by using pseudo-info, one of which is a virtual phone number.

You can use virtual phone numbers on online dating sites, social media platforms, and shopping websites that require your phone number. Instead of supplying them with your real phone number, use a virtual phone number.

Communication Management

Sometimes, there are people you don’t want to keep communicating with. Some people even get to have more details and easily trace you with your real phone number, since it is registered with your real name and address. However, you can take charge of who calls you, when you want them to.

You can have your virtual phone number on all your social media accounts, and strangers can only access you through that phone number. When you feel you need to distance yourself from social media acquaintances, you only have to deactivate your virtual phone number.

Separate Personal and Business Life

Work and play, the combination of these are what make life meaningful. However, too much of one over the other can make your life uninteresting and without meaningful accomplishments. While at work, you need to keep your social life at bay. Also, you need to rock your fun side to the fullest when work isn’t in the way. How then can a virtual phone number help you find a balance between the two?

Create a virtual phone number for work and another for your social life. Ensure that only your social virtual phone number is accessible to friends on social media and your work virtual phone number is available to business associates and customers. While at work, redirect calls to your social virtual phone number to voicemail, and while on social calls, redirect calls to your work virtual phone number to voicemail. That way, one doesn’t get in the way of the other.

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number

Having known how a virtual phone number works and why you need one, here are some ways you can satisfy your curiosity on how to get a phone number without a SIM card.

Through websites

There are websites that give you the chance to create a virtual phone number that you can use for some time. Many of them only let you keep your virtual phone number for about ten minutes. However, there are others that allow you to keep your virtual phone number for as long as you want.

Some of these websites are free to use, others need you to pay a token to get a virtual phone number.

Through mobile apps

Mobile applications on Android and iOs devices are great avenues on how to get a phone number without a SIM card.

There are many apps that offer this service but the most reliable of them all, with excellent communication features, is Second Phone Number™. It is available on Google Play Store.

To get it; 

      1.) Download the Second Phone Number™ app from Google Play Store and Install it.

      2.) Open the app and select your preferred billing schedule.

      3.) Sign in with SMS or your Gmail account.

      4.) Create a virtual phone number by tapping the “Get a Number” prompt.

      5.) Choose your preferred country and locality.

      6.) Your phone number without a SIM card is ready for use.


The best way how to get a phone number without a SIM card is through the Second Phone Number™ app. Enjoy the benefits of a virtual phone number when you create one with Second Phone Number™.