Sometimes, privacy protection, among other things, makes you wish you had a fake phone number you can easily discard after use, but how can you get a temporary number that suits your purpose? There are many reasons people want to get a disposable phone number; however, one that stands out is to protect their details. Whether you need a temporary local or international number, some options allow you to discard such phone numbers after use. 

To get a temporary phone number, you can consider using Google Voice or other mobile applications such as Skype. However, one of the best options is the Second Phone Number™ app that is available for all mobile devices on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

This article will show you the different ways you can get a temporary phone number that does all the functions of a registered phone number, only it is untraceable to you.

Understanding What a Temporary Phone Number is

Get a temporary phone number

A temporary phone number is a mobile or cell number that you can use to make and receive calls, text messages, and multimedia messages, but is disposed of and untraceable to you after a specified period. Virtual phone numbers are used in events where a caller’s identity and other personal information are better kept secret.

They are active for some time, depending on the service provider and the user, and are unreachable or seemingly non-existent after the expiration of the time specified by the service provider. While some temporary phone numbers are available for free, they are limited to the activities you can do with them. You may be unable to make calls but you can send SMS with such services, while others may give you the privilege of calls for some duration.

A temporary phone number is useful for individuals who need to protect their identity and personal details from the public, especially when they need to input their mobile number on some websites to gain access or receive some information, such as verification codes.

Why You Need a Temporary Phone Number

Virtual phone numbers may seem unnecessary to some people until they get to experience the effect of having your registered number with their details available to the public. Before that happens to you, here are some reasons you need a temporary phone number.

Privacy protection

Get a temporary phone number

The importance of a temporary phone number is in the protection of your privacy and personal information while you get to do everything you can do with your registered phone number. You can make and receive calls without worrying that your Caller ID will compromise your privacy and allow unwanted individuals and authorities access to such details.

The need to remain discreet and protect one’s details has become more important now than ever, hence, the need for a second phone number.

Communication Control

Get a temporary phone number

Won’t you like to control who communicates with you, especially when you want? Temporary phone numbers give you control over who you communicate with. Anyone with your registered phone number can call you at any time, and even leave a message, despite your reluctance to communicate with them. A temporary phone number, once discarded, is unreachable by anyone.

How to Get a Temporary Phone Number

To get a disposable phone number, there are different options open to you, and they all come with their different attractions. However, some are better than others, and you’ll get a recommendation on which you should go for.

Generally, you can easily get a second phone number by using a mobile application on your smart device. there are a number of them, but the most common and reliable ones are:

Second Phone Number™

Second Phone Number™ is one of the excellent apps that you can get temporary phone numbers from. It is available for free download on Apple and Google app stores. Second Phone Number™ allows users to generate temporary phone numbers that they can discard at any time.

You can purchase coins that you use to make calls – local and international – in the app, manage communication in the app, and retain the use of your temporary phone number after the expiration of your subscription for a grace period of 30 days. And it is available in the United States, Canada, Israel, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Puerto Rico, and Finland. Also, work is ongoing on making it available to 35 other countries.

Google Voice

Arguably the most popular temporary phone number service provider option, Google Voice is a free virtual phone number provider that is available for both personal and business use. Many people consider it dependable due to its brand affiliation.

However, its major pitfall is its limitation to the United States. The Google Voice temporary phone number service is not available to users outside the United States of America.


Burner is another mobile application that provides temporary phone numbers. The phone numbers from Burner are real and they can do anything a regular phone number does – calls, texts, verification, and voicemail.

It is also available to people in the United States and Canada, only. People in these locations can call any other part of the world with temporary phone numbers from this app but people outside these locations cannot generate a temporary phone number.


CoverMe protects its users’ privacy and security with military-grade encryption that ensures surveillance-proof communication. It also uses the self-destruct technology for text messages exchanged using the CoverMe app.

Despite its top security, it is only available and effective when communication is done using CoverMe by all parties in the communication.


As misleading as the name is, TextMe offers temporary phone numbers for free calls and texts. Users of this app can have a temporary phone number for as long as they want. However, anything that is free is questionable and may be susceptible to interception.

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number on Second Phone Number™

  • Follow these steps to get a temporary number on Second Phone Number™.
  • Download the Second Phone Number™ app from your device’s app store, and Install it.
  • Open the app and choose a billing option (the annual billing option comes with a 3-day free trial)
  • Choose your preferred country
  • Generate a temporary phone number and start communicating.

Note that you can generate as many temporary phone numbers as you like.


Temporary phone numbers are sometimes necessary for personal security reasons. However, not many know how to get a virtual phone number. While there are many options, the most reliable one that is available for people in different countries, is the Second Phone Number™ mobile app.