Trying to expand your business out of your locality can be difficult, especially if your registered phone number makes your location obvious. However, you can grow your business with a virtual business phone number that helps you connect with more customers from different walks of life.

You can easily get the best virtual phone number service from Second Phone Number™ in easy steps, without purchasing any sim card or an extra phone. You’ll also pass on the need for an engineer to help you fix your business phone number and reroute it.

This piece will expose to you the easiest and most reliable way to get a Business virtual phone number from Second Phone Number™ and how it can help your business grow.

What’s a Virtual Business Phone Number?

Virtual Business Phone Number

A business virtual phone number is like every other phone number, only that it is dedicated to business purposes and does not require a sim card to function. It is a phone number that is accessible as other regular phone numbers. It can receive and make calls, call forwarding, SMS, MMS, among others.

Although it is a phone number like any other regular business phone number, it does not get the attention of an engineer to reroute the calls that it receives. However, it may be peculiar as it may be non-geographic or local, depending on your preference and what is good for your business in order to provide better customer support.

A non-geographic phone number refers to a phone number that is not tied to a specific location, that is, it is impossible to determine where the caller is currently situated when they call with that phone number by just seeing the numbers. An example is a phone number that starts with 0800 or 0808 in the UK, 800 or 833 in Canada, the United States of America, and other countries in the North American Numbering Plan.

However, a local business virtual phone system carries a prefix that makes it easy to identify the city the business is located in, thus, resulting in better customer support. While both types of business virtual phone number providers are good, an understanding of where your customer helps you decide which is better for your business.

Why Does Your Business Need a Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual Business Phone Number

An organization or business with a business number tends to generate more trust among its customers. However, a registered business phone number costs more to purchase and maintain; hence, the need for your big or small business to have a virtual phone number provider. Here are some other reasons you should consider getting a virtual phone system.

Business Growth

Every business, whether it is a big or small business, wants growth but it’s impossible to achieve that without considering your customers. Using regular phone numbers as your business line means your customers have to pay for contacting you. However, you can make things easy for your customers by purchasing a virtual non-geographic phone number. There are toll-free and fewer costly options.

Also, with a virtual business phone system, you can have as many phone numbers as the locality you want your business to reach. When customers see that your phone number has a local prefix, they’ll be inclined to call you, giving you more sales, and consequently, business growth. However, local virtual business phone numbers aren’t suitable for every type of business.

Less Expenditure

With the affordability of the non-geographic phone numbers, you can expect to get them cheaper at Second Phone Number™. While your customers may not pay for calls on toll-free business phone numbers, your business carries the cost. However, there are other options that allow your customers to pay, instead of your business, although the cost is reduced when compared to the normal virtual numbers.

Also, with virtual business numbers, you don’t need a phone for each number. You can have numerous business phone numbers rerouted to one phone, regardless of your location.

You’ll also incur less expenditure as you don’t necessarily have to be physically present at your business when you don’t have to. You can easily attend to customers and save the cost of a physical office or transportation to your physical office, daily.

Easy communication

Customers can be impatient, and it is your responsibility to attend to them all. A physical office may cause queues, to the irritation of your customers; however, with virtual business phone numbers, your customers can pass their messages across through voice recording machines and let call forwarding do the rest. However, the responsibility is on you to give them feedback.

Also, in an organization where all employees must have an official phone number, virtual phone numbers are better options.

Anonymous Location

Virtual phone numbers make your business seem to be everywhere. It is impossible to tie a business with a virtual phone number that has a national prefix to a location – Non-geographic Numbers. Alternatively, you can have virtual business numbers, each with a local area prefix, to make it seem your business is local.

The more places your business can be present, the bigger your potential customer base.

How to Get the Best Virtual Phone Number?

Whether you’ve decided to have a single virtual business phone number or multiple virtual phone numbers, Second Phone Number™ is the best place to get them. With Second Phone Number™, you can easily track your call costs, manage your communication through calls and texts, and retain or remove virtual business numbers you wish to retain or remove.

To get a virtual business phone number from Second Phone Number™, follow these steps.

  • Download the Second Phone Number™ mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Install the mobile app and sign up for a virtual number.
  • Choose a billing schedule that suits your business and enter your billing details.
  • Select any of the available countries and generate a virtual number that suits your business.

You can create as many virtual business phone numbers as your business requires.


A virtual phone system is important to every business, especially ones with more than two employees, as it helps to save the cost of communication. Non-geographic numbers are better for some businesses, while others will do better with virtual business phone numbers that have geographical prefixes. Choose the right one for your business and start communicating cost-effectively, get a virtual phone now, and get Second Phone Number™.