There has been an increase in the number of US virtual phone number users in recent times. The reasons for this are not far-fetched as these virtual phone numbers offer a lot more than regular phone numbers. Seeing how a good virtual US  business phone number helps businesses thrive in this day and age, you need to know how to get the best one.

This article will help you do just that as it is an extensive tutorial to help you get the best virtual US phone numbers from the right app hosting service.

How to Get the Best US Virtual Phone Number

How to Get the Best US Virtual Phone Number

If you have ever asked why people now decide to use US virtual numbers even if they are situated outside the US, you have asked a good question. There are lots of answers that can fit right in but they all boil down to one thing.

It is a fact that people in various parts of the world (including the US) take companies situated in the US seriously. They are of the opinion that these companies tick a lot of the right boxes because of the standard in the US. The possibility of having a virtual US phone number means that your clients in the US and even beyond will relate with you like you are in this country. This does a lot of good for businesses as many have experienced and you should not be left out.

However, you should crown it all by getting the best virtual US phone number. This can be done by subscribing to the right hosting service. Fortunately, Second Phone Number™ happens to be high up on the list of amazing apps in this regard.

Using them as a case study, you should go about getting the best virtual US phone numbers by paying attention to the following things:

1. Customized Greeting

customize greetings - secondphone

People use virtual US phone numbers for non-business reasons. But more often than not, people make the most of it because of how it can help drive business to the next level.

One of the ways this is possible is by having a customized greeting for your customers/clients, employees, and others. This is a way to sell what your business has to offer in a good way. It is basically about brand identity by taking even the seemingly minor things seriously.

Other than this, customizing your greetings even allows you to pass across certain information. So, you should make sure that the US virtual phone number app that you are subscribing to can allow you to customize your greeting at any given time. This is a very important tip to help you enjoy a virtual US phone system and so you should take it seriously.

2. Call Forwarding

To get the best of a US  virtual business phone system, work with an app that allows calls, messages, and media files… to be redirected or call forwarding to alternate phone numbers. This comes in handy especially when traveling and going far away from your base as your business will not be adversely affected because of this feature. An app like Second Phone Number™ is among those US virtual phone number apps that allow users to enjoy this feature.

3. Outbound Calling

This is one of those features that determine how good a virtual number app is. For starters, some apps do not offer this much. Some do but they do not do enough.

The good news is that there are high flyers in this regard. An app like Second Phone Number™ happens to be very high up on the list. This is considering how you can make use of the local area code of many locations in different countries.

We understand that the focus of this article is getting the best virtual US phone number, However, you might need to make the most of another local area code in another country. So, subscribe to a hosting platform that will not limit you in this regard.

Apps like this also have a corporate habit of increasing your options with time. The whole point here is how outbound calls using local area codes outside your location should be a possibility with a good virtual number.

This is whether you are getting it from a virtual US phone number or from another place. Furthermore, you should be able to get more than one number as this speaks volumes about how good a virtual number app is.

4. Sequential Forwarding

Call forwarding is something that even some average apps offer. However, the ability to offer sequential forwarding is one of those things that sets the top guns apart from the average and below-par options.

An app like Second Phone Number™  can deliver to expectations in this regard. This is considering how calls can be delivered to virtual numbers that are predetermined. Frankly, this brings a lot of ease and is one of the peaks of using a virtual phone number from a good app/host service provider. so, you should only deal with one that is not limited in this regard. This once again is about enjoying the perks that come with using a good virtual US phone number.

5. Voicemail

The prospects that come with servicing the US market might be a good reason to get a virtual US phone number. However, the market also has high demands.

One of the huge demands is how you can be very burdened with calls. This is why you should get your virtual US business phone system from an app that allows you to use the voicemail option.

This is possible with Second Phone Number™. Thanks to this feature, people that run businesses can have time for themselves as the messages and calls are received through the voicemail system if they choose to use this feature.

6. Call Transfer

In the bid to get the best virtual US phone number. You should pay attention to service providers that allow you to use the call transfer feature. This way, calls and messages at large can be transferred to the appropriate channel as you have designed it.

7. IVR

IVR in this context is the acronym for Interactive Voice Response. It is a convenient feature for both the caller and the receiver. This is considering how step-by-step actions on how to address certain issues are given with automated response technology. This takes the load off your employees who would have had to do this. You need to make sure your chosen virtual phone number app can offer this. This is one of the best features that a good virtual US phone number app can offer.

The Best Virtual US Phone Number App – Second Phone Number™

Without mincing words, you should know that some apps stand out as the best for people who want a US virtual phone number app. One of them and a notable one at that is Second Phone Number™. For those that want to make the most of this app, for this reason, some steps required are:

a) Download an app compatible with your device. Users of Android devices should visit Google Play Store while users of iOS devices should visit Apple store for this purpose.

b) Select your preferred billing schedule

c) Click on the “Get a Number” prompt.

d) Select the United States in the portion for the preferred country

e) Select the location in the United States that you prefer the most.

f) Get your virtual US phone number eventually.


In the bid to get the best virtual phone number app, there are several things that you need to know. Knowing them will help you get the right hosting service/app that offers virtual phone numbers. We have discussed some of these things here and hope you are better informed.

You should also know that all virtual business phone system apps do not offer the same experience. This is why your decision to use an app for this purpose must be well informed. We advised that you make use of this article to choose the right one whether for your business phone number or personal use.