If you’re seeking to give out a phone number that doesn’t directly link to your private phone, or you’re not willing to submit your real phone number, you should know how to set up a proxy phone number, or a second phone number. It is an excellent way to hide your identity and communicate at cheaper rates.

To set up a second phone number, you should use an app, such as Second Phone Number™, that provides you with a second phone number. You can then reroute your incoming and outgoing calls through your virtual phone number to and from your primary cell phone number, respectively.

Through this article, you’ll understand how a proxy number works. You’ll know if a proxy number is the same as a second phone number. You’ll also know some benefits attached to using a second phone number. And ultimately, you’ll know how to set up a temp phone number.

What is a Proxy Phone Number?

A proxy phone number is a sequence of digits assigned to receive and make calls, send and receive messages, on behalf of another phone number – the primary cell phone number without compromising your caller ID. It works as a mask for the primary cell phone number, making calls and message recipients unable to reach the private phone number.

It works by serving as an intermediary between a caller’s original phone number and the recipient’s. When a caller dials a number from their original phone number, the call is rerouted through the cloud (server) to the proxy phone number that completes the action. The recipient’s phone rings and the proxy phone number, instead of the real number, appears on the recipient’s screen.

It is used for different reasons; privacy and personal information protection are top of the list. With malicious websites on the increase, individuals have increasingly used virtual phone numbers in place of their original numbers, to protect their personal information. Also, many use it to effectively control communication, especially with businesses.

Is a Proxy Phone Number the same as a Second Phone Number?

Proxy phone number

Second phone numbers are cell or telephone numbers that are used in place of primary phone numbers. They are easily gotten from virtual phone number providers through mobile apps such as Second Phone Number™, and they also aid in making communication cheaper and easier.

However, second phone numbers are not the same as proxy phone numbers, although they share some similarities. A second phone number acts independently of the primary phone number. That is, you can make, send, and receive calls and messages with a second phone number without the influence of the primary phone number. A proxy phone number, on the other hand, needs a primary phone number from and to which the cloud reroutes calls and messages to and from the second phone number.

A second phone number, although acting independently, can be made to function as a proxy phone number; hence, their confusion.

Benefits of Using a Proxy Phone Number

Proxy phone number

While people use proxy phone numbers for different reasons, here are the most common benefits they get from them.

Private Information Protection

The use of websites has increased as has the wrong use of users’ information. Our focus on the internet has made us give out sensitive information to the public, unknowingly. Online dating sites, shopping sites, social media platforms, and many more, require your phone numbers to sign up and enjoy their services.

You can protect your personal information, such as your real number, by using a proxy phone number. Your personal details, such as your name and email address, are not needed to set up a virtual phone number. Use second phone numbers on online dating sites, and your dates, especially those you don’t want to see anymore, cannot reach you, as you can easily change proxy numbers.

Better Communication Management

Communication management refers to the effective control of communication in terms of who calls you, length of communication, and time of communication. This benefit is most pronounced in businesses.

You can easily manage calls by masking your identity as call recipients don’t have your original phone number but they can reach you through a virtual phone number, thus, keeping your caller ID private. With a second phone number, convertible to a proxy phone number, you can switch communication off, especially at the close of business for the day, and restore communication when your business opens the following day.

Also, since you can change your proxy number easily, especially with Second Phone Number™, you control who can communicate with you.

Reduced Communication Costs

Virtual phone numbers come with the benefit of giving you cheaper communication. Calls – local and international – are cheaper on Second Phone Number™. Messaging with fellow Second Phone Number™ users is free.

Since you can effectively control your communication with a proxy or second phone number, you can easily reduce your cost of communication as a business or an individual.

Where can I get a Proxy Phone Number?

Proxy phone numbers are easy to get. The most reliable source for proxy numbers is the Second Phone Number™ app. You can get this app on your Android device’s app store.

Download the app from Google Play Store. Register your billing schedule and card details through Google Payment Service. Create a second phone number, and you’re on your way to getting a temporary phone number.

How to Set Up a Proxy Phone Number

Setting it up begins with getting a second phone number. After you’ve gotten a second phone number through the Second Phone Number™ app, set up your proxy number following these steps.

       1.) Click on the “Get a Number” prompt on the homepage of the app.

       2.) Choose your preferred country and locale.

       3.) Generate a second phone number.

       4.) Use the second phone number to make calls.

       5.) Click on the number you’ve generated to activate the voicemail feature.


Setting up a proxy phone number is as easy as creating a second phone number when you use the Second Phone Number™ mobile app. Make and receive calls, send and receive messages without compromising your identity and personal information with proxy and second numbers from Second Phone Number™.