Tinder is a dating site that offers members the chance of connecting for friendship, love, and long-term relationships. In order to create a Tinder account, you must use an active phone number before verification can be complete.

 Those without phone numbers cannot create a Tinder account and enjoy the numerous services it offers, but not to worry, in this article, you will learn how to create a Tinder account without a phone number by getting a virtual number that you can use to complete your Tinder SMS verification processes. 

What is a virtual number?

 A virtual number is a phone number that isn’t linked to a specific mobile device and allows users to route and port calls from one number to another. Virtual numbers are called many names, Internet numbers, second phone numbers, or online numbers. 

A virtual number allows you to have better business management, and control over your phone and ensures great flexibility. Virtual numbers like Second Phone Number™ offer great service to people who want to register on Tinder. 

How do Virtual numbers work?

 A virtual number relies on the Internet to work and for coverage purposes. Unlike the traditional phone numbers rely on the service of the phone company to provide coverage.

 With virtual numbers, you can charge your smartphone and use another one easily. 

How to use Tinder without a phone number? Use a temp phone number 

There are several ways you can access a temp phone number. If you already have a voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) system, you are at liberty to add extra virtual numbers via your VoIP provider. 

However, you can also buy a virtual phone number by downloading the app on Google and Apple stores online. To register and activate your virtual number depends on the app you wish to use and how many virtual numbers you want. 

If you don’t have a phone number, but want a virtual phone number on Tinder for SMS verification, using a reliable virtual number app is ideal, continue reading below to learn more about how to use Tinder without a phone number.

Benefits of using a virtual number

How to use tinder without a phone number

Virtual numbers come with many benefits and features which can help individuals who want to register and complete SMS verification with dating sites without your phone number or for business purposes. 

These benefits include :

The ability to receive and make calls everywhere

 Virtual numbers let you make calls without being tied to a place. You can make calls, receive text messages anywhere and on any device. If you just met someone on Tinder, but don’t trust them yet enough, give them your number. You could give them a virtual number they can use to call you anytime.

 Call distribution

Virtual phone numbers also allow people and businesses in multiple to be called at the same time. Virtual calls allow calls to group and part of a queue. 


Using virtual numbers offers you a better and cheaper option for making phone calls. Instead of recharging your traditional sums, you just get free credits and browse easily as long as you have data on your phone. 

Assigns local numbers

 For those whose business office is in a different area from where their clients are, they can get virtual numbers of their area. This is useful because it helps establish a viable presence in a vital location and reduces calls cost. Customers will prefer to deal with businesses in their local area than others. 

Helps integrate market campaigns

These virtual numbers can help track key clients metrics accurately 

Some CRM systems let you get a unique virtual number for specific marketing campaigns.

 Low equipment charges

Virtual numbers can help save some thousands of dollars in telephone and equipment fees. This is because they don’t need physical hardware and no maintenance fees. 

Second Phone Number™ App: The ideal virtual number for Tinder

How to use tinder without a phone number

Second Phone Number™ is an award-winning virtual app that offers everyone a unique phone number that they can use to register on Tinder. This app, although a newcomer into the virtual number industry, has shown that it could stand on its own. 

The Second Phone Number™ app offers users anonymity, security, call management, and easy picture sharing. 

This phone app is available in countries like the UK, USA, Finland, Canada, and the Netherlands. In months to come, it will be available in more than 30 countries. 

Why the Second Phone Number™ app offers the best virtual number for Tinder

The Second Phone Number™ app is good for those without phone numbers, who want to register on dating sites like Tinder, continue reading below to learn more about how to use Tinder without a phone number. Here are some features of the app: 

Fast installation and setup

 The Second Phone Number™ app provides virtual numbers for everyone quickly. You won’t spend more than 1-2 minutes registering and you will start using your number immediately.

Free download

Second Phone Number™ offers everyone free download access and you won’t pay for registration. 


With the Second Phone Number™ app, you will get virtual numbers that will assure you of your privacy. Since the number given is unique, you are the only one who knows the number Porting is made easy.

 Are you looking for virtual numbers which you can port easily with your phone number, then Second Phone Number™ is for you. This allows you to switch phones whenever you like.

Block unwanted calls

Sometimes there are some numbers we want to block and remove. The Second Phone Number™ Virtual number allows you to block some specific numbers. This is needed because of some telemarketers and fraudsters who flood your number with messages and calls.

Sending pictures and emojis

With this, you can use your virtual number to send images and emojis to your contact. This service makes communication easier and more entertaining. 

Call forwarding

With Second Phone Number™ Virtual numbers you can forward calls whenever you are busy which makes it difficult to miss calls. 

Advanced features

Many virtual number apps provide text and voicemail features with the Internet number provided. Virtual numbers provide extra features like caller ID call waiting and three-way calling. 


Virtual numbers remain the best option for those who don’t have a phone number. Virtual numbers offer users many interesting features and benefits which makes it a highly sought-after solution for everyone. Second Phone Number™ remains your best bet for when it comes to getting a reliable virtual number you can use for tinder and your business.

I hope this article taught you how to use Tinder without a phone number, please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.