Second phone numbers are important in managing your personal and business lives; that is where second phone number providers like Second Phone Number™ and Hushed second phone number come in. They help you create second and virtual phone numbers that make it easy for you to communicate better and cheaper. They also prioritize your privacy.

It’s difficult to decide which app – Second Phone Number™ or Hushed – is better at the services they offer. However, using their features, security, and pricing, you’ll decide which one works better for you. Second Phone Number™ has virtual numbers for over 35 countries while Hushed has for three countries. However, Hushed has the auto-reply messages feature, which is absent in Second Phone Number™.

This article will show you the features of the Second Phone Number™ app and the Hushed second phone number. These features will lead us to help you decide which is better for you between the two mobile apps for creating virtual second phone numbers.

What is Second Phone Number™?

Second Phone Number™  is a mobile application that helps you to create second phone numbers for better and cheaper communication. It is available on Google Play Store, and it requires its users to make payments before they can use its services.

This mobile app comes with many features that make communication easy and possible on the app. They include Call, messaging, call recording, voicemail, call rerouting and forwarding, and transparent pricing.

What is Hushed Second Phone Number?

Hushed second phone number

Hushed Second phone number app helps users to create virtual second phone numbers, making communication easier and protecting their identity. It is available on Google Play Store for free download but payment must be made before you can enjoy its services.

Hushed Second phone number makes calling and texting easier through its features; call forwarding and rerouting, auto-reply messaging, voicemail, Dropbox integration, and many more.

Which is Better; Second Phone Number™ or Hushed?

Hushed second phone number

Second Phone Number™ and Hushed offer the same service to users but it’s ridiculous to use both apps on your device, hence the need to decide on which one is better for you. Although they have similar features and give the same results – communication, there are some details in their features that make one better than the other.

Using these features, we’ll discover how Second Phone Number™ fares against Hushed second phone number calling and texting capabilities, hoping you decide which of them you prefer.


The Second Phone Number™ app, allows its users to call any part of the world with the second phone numbers their users create. The app has the keypad tab and the contact tab, where users can type or select numbers they want to contact.

Other features that make the calling feature on Second Phone Number™ easy to use include the voicemail feature that helps users to manage their communication better. Callers can leave messages for you when you’re unavailable and you can save and replay your voicemail messages. You can also use the call forwarding feature to accept calls to your second phone number anywhere in the world. Another amazing feature is video calling.

The Hushed app also helps its users to call any part of the world with the second phone number they’ve created on the app. The call feature is supported by other features such as call forwarding and call rerouting, helping users of the app to be on top of communication regardless of their location. It also has a voicemail feature that helps to receive messages from callers when users are unavailable. Also, users can customize their voicemail greeting.

Multiple Numbers

Second phone numbers serve different purposes and they can be discarded once they’ve achieved their purposes.

The Second Phone Number™ app allows you to create as many second phone numbers as you want. Users can create multiple local second phone numbers, regardless of the country and city they have previously preferred. International, mobile, and local numbers are available on the app.

However, the Hushed second phone number app allows users to create numerous second phone numbers too. Users can create international, local, and mobile numbers, depending on which is acceptable in your region, without limit. Also, you can create toll-free business numbers with Hushed.

Messaging (SMS and MMS)

One of the common means of communication using a mobile phone is messaging. However, it has gone beyond sending blocks of texts; pictures, GIFs, emojis, and stickers are common features of messaging.

The Second Phone Number™ app allows messaging through its messaging tab. Users can easily send information to any phone number anywhere in the world. Other messaging features on the app include the group messaging feature for passing information to a fairly large audience; disappearing messages for privacy; picture and audio messaging for better communication.

The Hushed app, on the other hand, also supports messaging. It supports this function with features such as auto-reply messaging for fast communication; GIFs and Picture messaging, and audio messaging.

Availability by Location

Users can create second phone numbers with prefixes of different countries regardless of where they are. However, these apps – Hushed and Second Phone Number™ – don’t have virtual phone numbers for every country.

Second Phone Number™ allows its users to create second phone numbers for over 35 countries – including the United States, the UK, and Canada – with options for international, local, and mobile phone numbers, depending on the countries they prefer. However, these phone numbers can call every country in the world.

On the other hand, Hushed Second phone number calling and texting services are available in three countries – the United States, Canada, and the UK. Users can create mobile, local, international, and toll-free phone numbers that make and receive calls to and from other countries in the world.


Being paid service-providing apps, Second Phone Number™ and Hushed have different pricing for service delivery.

Second Phone Number™ allows users to choose their preferred option among the weekly, monthly, or annual billing for their services. However, to make communication costs transparent, users can purchase coins from the app, and see how much they spend per call or message.

The Hushed app also allows users to choose from monthly or yearly payment plans, but only for their Unlimited Subscription Plan. Users can make calls or send messages when they purchase plans – Pay-as-you-go International, Prepaid, and Unlimited – all with varying communication freedom.


While Second Phone Number™ and Hushed are great second phone number providing apps, Second Phone Number™ is the better option of the two because users can create more country-specific local numbers with it, and its pricing is more flexible and transparent.