As an individual or a business owner, there is a constant need to make international communications. From reaching loved ones to making business transactions, an international number is essential. However, the cost of making international calls can be high. 

But what if you can get an international virtual phone number that lets you make international calls without having to pay the fees involved? Yes, it is possible. 

This article explains what an international virtual phone number is, how it works, and the benefits it affords you. It also discusses how to go about getting an international virtual phone number from one of the best second phone number providers, Second Phone Number™.

What is an international virtual phone number?

An international virtual phone number lets you connect with people in other countries while still maintaining your primary phone number. Unlike traditional phone numbers, an international virtual phone number works with mobile apps and the web. 

An application like Second Phone Number™ lets you use your phone and other phone numbers alongside a virtual one. It is like having a phone within your phone. It lets you operate several phone numbers with one device. 

Benefits of using an international phone number

International virtual phone number

It makes international communication affordable

Making international calls to your friends and loved ones can be expensive. This often reduces the extent to which people communicate. With an international virtual phone number, you can make calls to locals in specific countries without the added fee for international calls.

It aids business expansion

If you are a business owner, an international virtual phone number lets you expand your business across international borders without bearing too much cost. You can keep in touch with your clients and have them reach you easily as well.

With international virtual phone numbers, your clients can reach you even if you do not have physical offices in the countries. 

It helps you save costs of running a business

Aside from making calls without international fees, virtual phone numbers will save you the cost of traveling to several countries before you can reach your employees and clients. It also saves the cost of having physical offices and maintaining them in your target locations.

It affords you international coverage

Getting an international virtual phone number will save you the stress of having to deal with SIM cards. Not all phones are compatible with all SIM cards and SIMs do not have coverage everywhere. With an international virtual phone number, you have unlimited coverage and access to any location you choose.

Improve customer service

An international virtual phone number can let you create toll-free calls for your customers. You can also have numbers with local area codes that will let your customers reach you without added international fees. This improves customer satisfaction and reinforces your local presence. 

When customers do not pay extra fees for reaching you, it gives them a sense of security and belonging that makes them loyal to your brand. 

Improve your communication with loved ones

As an individual, using an international virtual phone number will let your loved ones reach you with ease. You can use local area codes where your loved ones reside to help them reach you without paying international fees. 

How do international virtual phone numbers work?

International virtual phone numbers work like primary phone numbers. You will choose a location to communicate with and get a virtual phone number for it. When you make calls to that location or people from that location call you, it will work like every other local number in that location. Virtual phone numbers are hosted. 

How to get an international virtual phone number

Considering the benefits of having an international virtual phone number, it is essential to get one as fast as possible. One of the most reliable ways to get an international virtual phone number is Second Phone Number™. 

Second Phone Number™is an application that lets you get as many phone numbers as you want. You can generate as many international virtual phone numbers as you can handle. And you can have these numbers in any country of your choice. 

To get started with getting an international virtual phone number, you need to:

       1.) Download the Second Phone Number™ app. The app is available for Android and iOS device

       2.) Create an account in a few steps

       3.) Choose a subscription plan that is convenient for you. There are daily, monthly, and yearly plans.

       4.) Pick your phone number from any location of your choice. Selecting the country and phone number depends on your needs. The app currently lets you select numbers from Sweden, Canada, the United States, and many other countries. 

Benefits of using Second Phone Number™

International virtual phone number

There are many benefits to using the Second Phone Number™ app, including:


Second Phone Number™ has a high level of privacy that protects your information. The people you contact will not know you are using the app. It does not display your primary phone numbers and information about you.

Equal service with local users

The Second Phone Number™ I’ll let you enjoy the same privileges with locals in any country you choose. Having an international virtual phone number in a specific country lets you enjoy the same call rate and services.

Unlimited locations

With the Second Phone Number™ app, you can get virtual phone numbers in 35 countries. This is as international as It gets. You can expand your business and personal communication and transactions to as many countries as you want with as many virtual numbers as you can get.

It comes with all the features

With international virtual phone numbers, you can make calls, text messages, as you would with your primary phone numbers. You also enjoy features like voicemail and call recording. 


International virtual phone numbers have many advantages to individuals and business owners. It lets you make calls to any location of your choice without the added international fees. The Second Phone Number™ app lets you get virtual phone numbers from 35 countries. Getting started with this app is easy and there are different subscription options to pick from. The Second Phone Number™ app protects your privacy and is available for both Android and iOS devices.