The desire to mingle with people of the same social orientation as you is one of the reasons you should have a phone number for Grindr, especially if you identify as a member of the LGBTQ community. However, for privacy and security reasons, you should use a second phone number for Grindr.

Your ideal phone number for Grindr is one that protects your privacy and personal information. It is a phone number that you can change easily and with as little monetary cost as possible when it doesn’t feel safe to use it anymore. The most reliable place to get a phone number for Grindr is on the Second Phone Number™ app.

In this article, you’ll understand what Grindr is, how it works, and what the app and website are for. Also, you’ll understand the reasons you need a second phone number to register on Grindr, and how to successfully get such numbers and register.

What is Grindr?

Phone number for Grindr

Grindr is a location-based mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices, and a website that allows bisexual, gay, lesbian, and the general LGBTQ community access to one another for socialization. It doubles as an online dating application where users can create profiles and view other users’ profiles based on their location. The app uses users’ GPS locations to place them in a cascade where they can see suitable matches.

While Grindr is primarily for social networking and online dating, it also offers some political services that are geo-targeted through its Grindr Equality platform.

How Does Grindr Work?

Grindr works like most online dating apps and websites, although it gives its users more freedom to select their preferences in friends and mates. Grindr’s functioning is based on users’ information, including location. However, it can be set through their filter settings.

Users register on Grindr and supply their details, including names, phone numbers, social media addresses, and locations. While users can provide false information to protect their privacy, the app uses their GPS location to determine the nearest members of the LGBTQ community around them. However, users are allowed to set their location in the app settings section.

Why Should you Use a Second Phone Number for Grindr?

Phone number for Grindr

There are many reasons behind the use of second phone numbers for online dating webs and apps registration. However, these are the most common reasons.


Society has come a long way in accepting people of unusual sexual orientation – gay, lesbians, transgenders, bisexuals, and queer. However, it is risky for these people to expose themselves to the members of society who are unaccepting of their sexuality.

Not every Grindr user is a genuine member of the LGBTQ, and many who are will rather keep their sexuality private. To attain that privacy, you may need to keep your communication private as well.

The best way to keep your communication and security private and restricted to Grindr is to register with a second phone number. You can easily change the phone number, and even put up another profile if the former one is compromised.

Protection of Personal Information

During the registration process on Grindr, you’ll be required to provide details such as your name, location, and phone number. While these details are important to help you network around your locality, it also makes this information available to anyone that clicks your profile.

Since Grindr has no way of verifying the sexuality of its users, it is best to protect your personal information. You can easily use pseudonyms, mask your location with VPN apps, and most importantly, supply a second phone number instead of your real phone number.

Safety Reasons

The human instinct to flee from danger isn’t peculiar to straight folks. Regardless of your sexuality, you want to be safe from physical and emotional attacks, especially sexuality-based ones. This is why you need to register with a second phone number on Grindr.

With a second phone number, you can control people you talk to as you can easily change your second phone number when you feel like it. Unwanted conversations, especially ones attacking you for your sexuality can easily be controlled.

How to Register on Grindr Without Using Your Real Phone Number?

To register on Grindr without using your real phone number, you first need to get a second phone number, then use that number as your phone number on Grindr.

Getting a Second Phone Number

The Second Phone Number™ app is the best way to get a second phone number. It provides you with a virtual phone number for Grindr that performs all the functions of your real phone number. You don’t need to register the number before use, and you can have as many second phone numbers as you want.

       1.) Download the Second Phone Number™ app from Google Play Store. 

       2.) Install the app and follow the prompts till you reach the app’s homepage. Here, you’ll see a prompt for creating a number. 

       3.) Tap the prompt and create a second phone number using your preferred country and locality.

Using Your Second Phone Number for Grindr

Once you’ve gotten your second phone number on Second Phone Number™, you can use it on the Grindr app.

       1.) Open the Grinder app on your mobile device

       2.) Tap your profile photo

       3.) Click on the edit icon at the bottom right corner of your profile photo; it’s a yellow pencil.

       4.) Locate the phone number section of the form.

       5.) Delete your real phone number (if you’ve added it previously) and input your new second phone number.

       6.) Save changes.

Note that you can change your second phone number at any time you desire. Also, you can restrict users that can view your personal information – location, phone number, HIV status, and birthday – on the app.


Grindr is a social networking and online dating app for members of the LGBTQ+ community. To register, it requires that you supply your name, birthday, and email address. However, for personalized communication, you can supply your phone number. While it’s inadvisable to use your real phone number, a second phone number for Grindr from Second Phone Number™ will work perfectly.