It is strongly advised that you do not use a personal phone number or existing phone as a business phone, instead, get a 2nd phone number. For starters, doing this might put you in a position where you end up getting spam calls. This is not how to have your business grow in leaps and bounds.

It is for this reason you are advised to get a dedicated line for business purposes. Other than this, the need to have your privacy aside from protecting your caller ID is another reason you should take having a 2nd phone number seriously. This is considering how you do not want personal calls and lifestyle interfering with your business phone and vice versa.

We would shed light on not only getting a 2nd line so that you can protect your privacy but getting the best one to protect your personal number. So, please ensure you read this article till the end to make sure your decisions are well informed when getting a second phone number.

You Can Bank on the Best Virtual Phone Number App – Second Phone Number™

Technological advancements have been sweeping across various facets and this is changing how things happen. Well, the telecommunication facet is not left out and this is thanks to the possibility of having a virtual phone number.

With apps such as Second Phone Number™, you can enjoy all the benefits that come with using it as a second phone line. Especially as it concerns privacy and your caller ID, some of the benefits of using such an app include the following:

Same Phone, Different Numbers

Because of the need for second number, third number, or other phone numbers aside from personal phone number, some people are burdened with the problem of moving around with phones and their personal number. You can thank goodness that this is not a burden you have to bear with virtual phone number apps like Second Phone Number™.

This is because you can have as many second number on just one phone thanks to this app. Depending on how you have chosen to see it, this in itself is a form of privacy that some people will be willing to grab for all its worth. So, you should take advantage of an app like Second Phone Number™ if this would matter to you.

No Need to Deal with Several SIMs

2nd phone number

Perhaps you have seen someone with a phone carrying lots of SIMs and swapping now and then. This can be a hectic task and comes with its disadvantages. For instance, you can miss important timely information when the SIM is not in use like important phone calls or text messages when you use your personal number.

You would not have to deal with this possibility if you take advantage of a virtual phone number app like Second Phone Number™. You just have to download, set up the line by choosing the desired subscription, and then you are good to go.

In other words, you can still have the privacy that you have always wanted even by using only one phone. And just so you know, you would not have a problem using this app regardless of the mobile device that you have.

This is because there are mobile compatible apps for gadgets like iPad, iPhones, Tablets, and Android devices at large. You can simply gain access to the pertinent online mobile store and take further required steps.

You Are Not Restricted to a Location

Speaking of enjoying privacy with second phone numbers, you stand to gain a lot with virtual phone number apps like Second Phone Number™. Location privileges are one of the reasons for this.

Just so you know, you do not have to reveal the exact location where you are stationed. You can even decide to use a code from another location that is not even in your country, and this makes international calling not just easy but affordable.

More often than not, this ends up benefiting people that use apps for business and formal reasons more than anyone else. You should not also forget the positive cost implications of doing this.

Top-Level Security

2nd phone number

With technology come its challenges. One of the challenges of the internet (digital technology) is cybercrime. Well, you should know that virtual phone number apps work with the internet. For this reason, measures must be put in place to protect the data of users.

Well, we can boldly say some virtual phone number apps have done a great job in this regard. Second Phone Number™ is very high up on the list. They have an encryption system that protects the data of their users to a great extent.

Considering how users’ privacy is compromised when there is a question mark on data security, you should only opt for virtual phone number apps that work with a high level of encryption. Second Phone Number™ is the go-to option for this reason and you should take them seriously.

Adherence to Customer-Friendly Private Policy Agreement

When choosing a virtual phone number app for a second line, you should not only be concerned about security. You should also make sure they are committed to protecting their user’s privacy.

Unfortunately, there are several options out there that cannot guarantee this. Considering the need to keep your data (and probably your identity private) you should only deal with the best option.

Well, Second Phone Number™ can be trusted in this regard as they commit to protecting the identity, personal information, and other facts about their users. They even have a privacy policy that you can go through to further understand how committed they are to respecting and protecting their user’s privacy.

How to Have a 2nd phone number with Second Phone Number™

Having a second line with Second Phone Number™ is not difficult. What you need to do is:

Download the App

You need to start by downloading the app. The service providers behind the scene have made apps that are compatible with your mobile gadget.

So, there are options for people that use either iOS and Android devices. You can download the Second Phone Number™ app for iOS and Android devices from Google Playstore and Apple’s Playstore, respectively.

Set Up an Account

After downloading a mobile compatible app for your device, you should go-ahead to set up your account. The good news is that you can even enjoy the same benefits when you switch or change phones. This is because you only need to log in to your account on the new phone.

There is the option of creating the account by using your number or your Google account. You should just use anyone that you prefer and you may also start your free trial.

Choose Your Preferred Virtual Number

At this stage, you would be allowed to choose from a wide range of countries. Your chosen country will influence the local area code that would reflect in your number. Fortunately, Second Phone Number™ allows people that have gone through this stage to enjoy calling and texting at a low cost. You just have to choose a subscription of your choice to enjoy the calling and texting pleasures that Second Phone Number™ has to offer.


Do you need to have a 2nd phone number?

You should consider having a virtual phone number given the benefits mentioned here not just sending and receiving text messages. However, it is essential that you use the right app and Second Phone Number™ is a step in the right direction considering all that it offers. So, you should make the most of it for your virtual phone numbers, start your free trial and get a second number today!