Android apps and software are taking the place of traditional network providers, especially if you desire a second phone number where you can have control over who has your phone number, calls you, and other privacy options. With these second phone number apps, you can make and receive a call, send SMS, record calls, and other benefits even if your smartphone does not have the second SIM card slot. In this article, we have carefully selected some of the best second phone number app Android users can get in 2022, with careful consideration of the peculiar features of each app, and the pros and cons. 

Second Phone Number™

If you need a second phone number app Android that enables you to make calls, send and receive texts, and many more with a flexible privacy option, the Second Phone Number™ app is the ideal option. That is why the app is dubbed as the “phone within phone”. The app is currently available in 8 countries; the US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Israel, and Puerto Rico. Expansion to another 35 countries is expected very soon.

Special features

Apart from having one of the cheapest payment plans, users of Second Phone Number™ receive SMS without a subscription and can even send SMS to other Second Phone Number™ users for free. Moreover, the app has unlimited call recordings and voicemail for all users and you can have more than one number. You can secure the app with your Face ID.


second phone number app android

       1.) Cheap and flexible payment option.

       2.) Users’ friendly interface.

       3.) Free SMS among users.

       4.) Users can have multiple phone numbers.


second phone number app android

       1.) The trial is limited to three days.


Hushed is one of the most popular second phone number app Android. The app has been in existence for a decade and it is currently available in more than 60 countries, including the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. You start with a free trial of either three days or seven days before you opt for any of the payment options.

Special features

With Hushed, users in North America can send MMS (picture messaging), and countless calling and texting. The app also has auto-reply messages and customized voicemail greetings. You can even conceal your caller ID and burn the number if you do not need it again. Moreover, what distinguishes the app from others is the ability to register a toll-free number and the pay-as-you-go option plan.


       1.) Flexible payment plan.

       2.) Users’ numerous privacy customized options.

       3.) Toll-free number.


       1.) Outdated user interface.

       2.) Subscription could be costly unless you opt for the unlimited plan.  


As the name implies, Burner allows users to integrate a number into different services such as SoundCloud, Evernote, and many more. You can make calls, send and receive texts, send and receive MMS, and then burn the number when they do not need it again. The app is only available in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Special features

Burner offers users a private second line for texting and sending MMS, which could be disposed of immediately if the user does not need the number again. You can keep your real number safe by diverting all calls to your Burner. You can create a long-term phone number for business purposes and disposable numbers for dating, shopping, and many more.


       1.) Integration of many services.

       2.) Numerous privacy options.

       3.) The customized phone numbers for peculiar purposes.

       4.) Supports DND.


       1.) Frequent users guide notification.

       2.) Too pricey.

Google Voice

Though it has been around for a while now, Google Voice, however, only works with personal Google accounts in the US and G-Suite accounts in other countries where it is available. The app also has a web version, but with limited functions of sending texts and listening to voice messages only. On the app, you can call, receive a call, call termination service, and many more.

Special features

You do not need a payment plan before you enjoy the services on Google Voice. All you need is your Google account. With AI, the app can filter spam messages and all communications on the app are stored so that you can still have access to them in the future. Also, you can synchronize your devices for easier management of your messages and calls. The app can also transcribe voicemail messages.


       1.) Free and there is no ad.

       2.) Web option.

       3.) Enables the synchronization of devices.

       4.) Filter spam messages.


       1.) Updated version filters group messages as spam.

       2.) Sending text messages is geographically restricted.


With Flyp, you can create dedicated numbers for work and private life and have as many numbers as you desire. The first number you register will be free for 7 days and attract subsequent monthly or annual subscriptions. The app also allows you to be in charge of your smartphone, determines who calls and messages you.

Special features

Flyp allows users to have as many phone numbers as they like and each number attracts the same charges. You can also pick any number, depending on the desired local area code. Sending and receiving of local and international calls, messages, photos, and GIFs is unlimited in the United States and from international Flyp numbers.


       1.) Users’ friendly interface.

       2.) Users can pick the local area code.

       3.) Use more than one number for different purposes.


       1.) Limited messaging options.

       2.) Difficulty in importing contacts from the phone.


With Sideline, you can have a second phone number where you can make calls and send SMS without the fear of network interruption. If you have a second phone, you can stop using it while you still keep the number on Sideline.

Special features

You can start using the Sideline app for free for the first seven days and you can then decide if you want to subscribe or not. The app allows you to port phone numbers from different phones. All calls are cellular on the app and it makes use of your existing carrier plan. The app also has a pro feature where you can split a single phone number among team members on multiple devices.  


       1.) It uses users’ carrier networks.

       2.) Friendly users’ interface.

       3.) Freedom to make use of an existing phone number.


       1.) Relatively expensive as there is no free feature after the seven days trial.


All the second phone number app Android highlighted in this article have their special features and users’ information is safe. You can start with their free trial before you subscribe to any of the apps. Second Phone Number™ is, however, recommended because of its subscription plans and other free features.