Virtual numbers have become important for many people because of the high rate of migration and remote job opportunities. Many people are now seeking second phone numbers which they can roam wherever they go. 

While there are many virtual number app services for iPhone, choosing the one that best serves your interests might seem complicated. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best second phone number app iPhone in 2022.

Second Phone Number™

Second Phone Number™ is a great virtual number app that lets you register multiple second phone numbers in many countries. You can use this app to make affordable local and international calls. When considering the best second phone number app iPhone in 2022, this is the best you can get. 

The Second Phone Number™ app doesn’t require contract or SIM cards and offers its users easy access. Its features include making calls, recording calls, picture sharing, and group messages

It is safe because it has security features like face recognition and two-factor authentication. 


      1.) Cheap and flexible plans and prices

      2.) Anonymous features

      3.) Ability to share an inbound support number

      4.) Nice Ui/UX design

      5.) Safe and reliable.


      1.) Second Phone Number™ isn’t available in all countries yet.


Sideline offers its customers a chance to get a virtual number while still retaining the carrier’s messaging and call minutes. You don’t have to worry about coverage when using the sideline features because even it works everywhere. 

The new number sideline will give you texting, calling, and voice mail options. The sideline app gives new customers a one-off seven-day free trial before you pay. You can also port a number even if you change a phone. 


      1.) Doesn’t use VOIP, only carrier signal

      2.) Nice user-interface

      3.) 11Easy port to an existing number. 


      1.) Limited free trial

      2.) A bit expensive 

      3.) The interface Lags 

 Google Voice

 Google voice remains one of the top apps that provides a second number and it is completely free. You can use Google voice easily on both its app and website, however, you can only make a call from the app. 

A unique feature of Google Voice is that it comes with a spam filter for all calls and messages. You can only use this second number app when you register with your Gmail account. 


      1.) Great website interface

      2.) Doesn’t have ads

      3.) Works with your Gmail account.


      1.) Consumes more data

      2.) Customers can’t make calls on the website

      3.) Not updated


At the Flyp app, you can get as many numbers as you like, and you pay the same price for every number. It isn’t expensive and it also offers a 7-day free trial option. 

You can always choose a number based on the country or location you are in. 


      1.) Clean and simple interface

      2.) Ability to choose any number you want

      3.) Users can pick more than one number.


      1.) Number imports seem complicated

      2.) Text messages are limited

      3.) Doesn’t support stickers and gifs. 

Cloud SIM

 The Cloud SIM is another second phone number app iPhone service that is reliable especially when you have many friends using it. The service app interface looks good as you can stroll through every section easily. 

It seems a bit expensive, but if you can afford it, it’s pretty cool. 


      1.) Cheaper than most options

      2.) Offers free to call and text to iPhone users

      3.) Perfect interface


      1.) Doesn’t offer a free trial

      2.) You can’t make calls to android users

      3.) Limited coverage options(supports only US, UK, Canada, and Poland). 


The burner second phone number app iPhone allows use and number and then burns it. The burner app allows easy integration of phone numbers into services like Evernote, Slack, and sound cloud.

 It also provides a free seven-day trial to users who want to try it. It comes with a lot of user guides and you will be required to provide a name before using it. 


      1.) Many social services integrations

      2.) App lock feature

      3.) Offers great calls for privacy. 


      1.) Doesn’t have a free option

      2.) Complicated calls to action

      3.) Too many preloaded notifications. 


When talking about the best second phone number app iPhone service around, we can’t but mention hushed. It is a private, easily disposable phone number service that is great for texting and calling.

 The app comes with different options when it comes to payments and subscriptions. It offers a per call and per text plan to users who want it. 

The app interface seems funny with its dark theme and outdated icons, but it works fine. You can also register a toll-free number on this platform and it is an ideal option when looking for new second numbers. 


      1.) Provides Toll-free numbers

      2.) Easy subscription options

      3.) Many customization options


      1.) Archaic user interface

      2.) No free trial

      3.) Very pricey


With the free tone service, you get a free phone number from many areas and locations. Though it comes with some ads, you can use the service from any area code. 

The ads on this app appear everywhere on the screen, during calls and messages. If you don’t mind the ads, you can use the service as it works perfectly well. 

Users will need to subscribe if they want more than a one-second number. There are many subscriptions to choose from on a weekly and monthly basis. 

It is a versatile second phone number app iPhone that works without a SIM card. If you want to avoid recurring fees, you can purchase credits. 


      1.) Free numbers if you don’t mind the ads

      2.) Great Web app

      3.) Can work over WiFi


      1.) Very annoying ads in all sections

      2.) The Web interface looks clunky

      3.) Users must subscribe to get additional numbers. 


TextFree is an ideal second phone number app iPhone in 2022 service you can bank on. To enjoy their number, you will have to be active on the numbers, unless you want it reclaimed.

 This is because when a number is dormant for 30 days, it is recycled. To avoid this, you can pay a small subscription fee to keep it active even if you don’t use it. 

This second number service has many ads which can only be removed when you pay a fee. It works well over Wi-Fi and is based on a simple navigation system.


      1.) Functions over Wi-Fi

      2.) Offers free numbers with ads

      3.) Many options to choose from. 


      1.) Too many ads

      2.) It accepts multiple subscriptions

      3.) Terrible UI design


 Dingtone free second number service allows you to make calls and text however with some caveats. Although it doesn’t flood its app with ads like other free phone number services, it makes use of a credit system. 

This gamified approach allows you to earn credits by playing games and visiting the apps daily. It can be a bit confusing but it’s an interesting idea. You will use the credits earned to send text and make calls, however, the site decides how much credits each is worth.

 You are also expected to use your number at least once a week and have a credit balance of 1 or your number is deactivated.


      1.) Detects your number automatically

      2.) Easy port to a new number

      3.) The nice credit system


      1.) It isn’t free

      2.) Credit usage complicated system

      3.) Frequency requirements to keep numbers. 


Having a second phone number app iPhone in 2022 has become important due to migration and remote settings. Using the right second phone number app is important to avoid problems with call coverages.