Set up an efficient communicative tool and connect with your clients anywhere across the globe through the best business phone number app – Second Phone Number™. Our superior and advanced messaging mobile app allows you to create a virtual phone number for business that you can use from any part of the world. 

The second phone number for business allows business owners to manage all business affairs efficiently with multiple lines on one business phone number, protect your privacy, and maintain a consistent communicative system. Here, you can have a virtual phone number without purchasing an extra device or swapping sim cards before you reach your contact locally or internationally. But, how can you do this? Let’s dive into this article to get more beneficial information for your business. 

Setting Up your Virtual Phone System in Three Simple Steps

  1. Install

Download the Second Phone Number™ mobile app on the Apple Store or Google Play Store without any charges. 

  1. Create

Select a custom local or international business phone number of your choice that fits your target market. You can create multiple lines and swap them anytime you need one.

  1. Communicate

Start making calls or messages to your clients (SMS or MMS) or prospective leads at your convenient hour. 

Small Business Also Have an Affordable Option

Communication costs tend to rise as your business begins to grow. When the firm starts to grow in size, employing hundreds or thousands of people, then you may need to start spending additional money on phone bills which could amount to thousands of dollars each month. However, you don’t have to worry with Second Phone Number™ at your disposal. With the correct solution, your business with few lines can spend less than a hundred dollars each month on phone bills. 

How can you achieve this? You have a simple solution to your advantage. Second Phone Number™  helps you to create a virtual phone number that can have a significant impact on your telephone expenditure irrespective of your company’s size. Here, you don’t have to spend so much on various corded hardware when you can create an internet number with ease. Depending on your service plan, you are eligible for at least one free virtual phone number. Besides, if you are located in the United States, you can receive calls for free. If you want to make international calls, you can spend $0.01 per minute which is relatively inexpensive.

Why Should Your Small Business Use a Virtual Phone Number?

First, you need to know about a virtual business phone number. A virtual phone number or Cloud Phone System performs a similar function to your Regular Phone System. The only difference is that you can make or receive your calls over the Internet. Unlike the regular phone system that operates due to a network service provider, the virtual phone number is connected to an online account. Hence, you can derive some significant benefits from this system, especially small business owners. Some of these benefits include:

second phone number for business

  • Reduces Stress

You don’t have to buy and maintain a PBX box to manage your business affairs. Neither do you need to buy an extra phone before you reach out to your business contact. With our mobile app, you can convert your regular smartphone into your business phone by making business calls through the second line or multiple lines on the app.

  • Incorporates Large Business’ Features

With our mobile phone number app, be rest assured as it incorporates some features that often work for large businesses. Features such as auto-attendants for routing calls to the appropriate person, interacting with your team via SMS, or conducting video meetings with anyone inside or outside your business are some of the features you enjoy. On a general note, these features require a separate app and incur an extra fee before you enjoy them. However, a second phone number for business incorporates all these features for you to enjoy.

  • Gives You Control

A second phone number for business gives you the control you desire. Since it utilizes an internet portal, you can manage your phone system from anywhere you are. For instance, you can construct a call flow for your business and assign an auto attendant to manage your contact for you. This auto attendant quickly adds or removes users as your company grows. You can also record the calls and listen to them later at your convenient hour. You can also use these call recordings at a later hour for references or training sessions. 

Benefits of Second Phone Number™ to Your Business

second phone number for business

  1. Convenience

Second Phone Number™ allows you to communicate with your business team without much stress. You can manage your business in real-time, and add potential leads or phone numbers within a short time frame. Besides, you can manage multiple lines from one device without incurring an extra cost. 

  1. Affordable

You can reach out to your prospects or clients without spending much on phone bills. Second Phone Number™ allows you to make long-distance calls and send unlimited messages at an inexpensive rate. You are also not obliged to an annual subscription. Also, this mobile app saves you the cost of getting an extra device just because you want a second phone number for business. Neither do you need regular maintenance nor an IT specialist to manage your communicative system. All you need is an Internet connection to reach your clients as fast as possible.

  1. Conduct Business Operations from Anywhere

You can access the application through your desktop computer or mobile phone number and communicate with your business partners, team, or clients from anywhere across the globe. 

  1. Protect Your Privacy

You can create a virtual business number that serves as your business line and keep your number private. This business line will only be effective during business hours and allows you to use your personal line for leisure activities. 


Every business owner needs a second phone number for business to work around efficiently. You can manage all your business contacts on a mobile app to make all business operations smooth. Visit today to get a free trial of your virtual business number.