Using a second phone number can be for personal or business purposes. However, the Smartline Second Phone Number is specifically for business purposes, with its features tailored towards that. The
The Second Phone Number™ app, on the other hand, is suitable for both personal and business purposes.

Determining the better option between Second Phone Number™ and Smartline Second Phone Number depend on your purpose of use, and your location, among other things. The features of these second phone number-providing apps will help you decide which is better for you.

In this article, you’ll know what the Second Phone Number™ app and Smartline Second Phone Number apps are. You’ll also know their similarities and differences. From understanding their features, you’ll be able to decide which is the better option of the two.

What is Second Phone Number™?

Second Phone Number™, otherwise called Second Phone Number™, is a second phone number provider that uses a mobile application to allow users to generate virtual phone numbers for their personal and business uses. The Second Phone Number™ app is designed to reroute incoming and outgoing calls through the cloud and the second phone number. This helps it to protect users’ personal information and primary phone number.

Virtual phone numbers from Second Phone Number™ are available in over 35 countries, with options for local, international, and mobile numbers, depending on users’ country of choice. The Second Phone Number™ app has some features such as voicemail and call forwarding that improve call and messaging.

What is Smartline Second Phone Number?

Smartline Second Phone Number is a virtual phone number for business providers from GoDaddy. It helps users create second phone numbers that cater to their business needs at affordable rates. It offers local, international, and toll-free numbers for business in the United States of America.

The virtual phone numbers provided by Smartline have local prefixes that help local businesses improve their local authority. Its services are accessible through a mobile application that allows old second phone numbers to be imported and used.

Smartline supports communication through calls and messaging and the app has some features that improve the quality of communication.

Features of Second Phone Number™

Smartline second phone number
The Second Phone Number™ app has features that are common to virtual phone number apps, and some peculiar ones. They include:


Calls on the Second Phone Number™ app are possible through the keypad tab and contact tab. Users can select a phone number or input phone numbers on the app and call using the second phone number they’ve created.

The call function is supported by features such as call forwarding and call rerouting features that keep users’ phone information – other than the second phone numbers – safe. The call forwarding feature allows businesses to get calls on rerouting numbers regardless of their location.

Voicemail is another feature for calls that allow callers to drop messages when users are unavailable. This is particularly useful for businesses.


Sending text messages is a common communication avenue. However, Second Phone Number™ allows its users to do more than send text messages. The Second Phone Number™ app allows its users to send pictures, audio messages, and files through its messaging tab.

The group messaging feature allows users to pass information to a fairly large audience. Also, users of the app can communicate via text and pictorial messages for free regardless of their location.

Availability by Location

Smartline second phone number

The Second Phone Number™ service is available in over 35 countries, including the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Each of these countries has its local numbers available on the Second Phone Number™ app for individuals and businesses to use.


Expenditure on the Second Phone Number™ app is lesser than you’ll see on similar apps. Users are to choose from three payment options – weekly, monthly, and yeah billing schedules – to get access to the Second Phone Number™ services.

However, to make calls and send messages, users have to purchase some coins at a token. The app shows how the coins are being consumed as you call or send messages in real-time.

Features of Smartline Second Phone Number

The Smartline Second Phone Number app has some amazing features that make it one of the users’ choices, and they include:


Calls with the Smartline app are of high quality as it uses your WiFi or internet connection to connect calls. The call function is supported by features such as voicemail which allows users to record customized greetings and also translates voicemail messages to text. Users can also set business hours, automatically causing calls to redirect to voicemail after the closing of business hours. Another feature is the filtering feature that blocks malicious phone numbers or spam calls from coming through.


The Smartline app supports calls and messaging. It allows its users to send text messages to other phone numbers around the world. It is especially known for its freedom as it safely stores conversations and allows users to recall messages when they need them.

The messaging features are easy to use and simple.

Availability by Location

The Smartline service is available for every state and locale in the United States of America. However, its users can use their second phone number to call any number in the world.

Users are also allowed to port their second phone number from other virtual phone number service providers to Smartline.


As Smartline is made for businesses, it offers local numbers at $9.99 per month and toll-free numbers at $19.99 per month. However, pricing for communication differs, depending on the destination of your calls.

Which is Better Between Second Phone Number™ and Smartline second phone number?

Considering the features and how they affect individuals and businesses, Second Phone Number™ and Smartline Second Phone Number apps give their users the same service with different reaches and experiences.

Second Phone Number™ is rich in features to make communication easier. Also, it is available in more locations; has a more flexible pricing schedule and transparent pricing, and is suitable for both business and personal uses. While Smartline is great for its users, it is restricted to the United States and isn’t great with its messaging features.

Overall, the Second Phone Number™ app is a better second phone number option compared to GoDaddy’s Smartline app.


The Second Phone Number™ and Smartline apps are virtual phone number providers for businesses and individuals. They provide local, international, and toll-free phone numbers, depending on your choice. However, with the features they possess, the Second Phone Number™ app is better than the Smartline Second Phone Number app.