Online dating is now very popular and normal among people finding love or friendship. Many people believe dating sites like Tinder are a good place to find genuine love.

However, when you are registering with dating sites like Tinder, privacy is important. Also, while signing up, there is a Tinder phone number verification which is meant to ensure your area is genuine. 

However many people are also scared of using their real phone numbers due to security, they now seek alternatives like Virtual numbers. 

Let’s look at Tinder phone number verification, what a virtual number is, how it works, and an ideal virtual number you can use for your Tinder phone number verification. 

What is Tinder phone number verification? 

The tinder phone verification is a way the Tinder dating site validates new account numbers. Tinder sends SMS or places a call to the phone number used to register before validation. 

This is meant to ensure you own the account and it isn’t spamming. Moreover, this verification code is meant to ensure that no user creates a duplicate tinder account with similar information. 

This verification will be sent whenever you log in or log out of your account. It serves as a security feature to keep all accounts safe, and you need an active phone number to pass through it. 

How can you bypass Tinder phone verification without using your real phone number? 

Tinder phone number verification

The most ideal way to bypass the Tinder phone number verification process is by using a virtual number. It is a bad idea to use public phone services like burner, Google Voice and TextNow because you can get shadowbanned by Tinder. 

Your best bet is using a unique virtual number app like Second Phone Number™ to get the Tinder phone verification code. While you could use your Facebook account, it is prone to be hacked. 

Ensure that when you use virtual numbers, don’t overuse them because you might be banned. 

What is a Virtual number?

 A virtual number also called an Internet number is used to route calls and SMS to your real phone number. Virtual numbers are ideal for long-distance calls because it is cheaper.

 It makes it possible for an individual within a local area to call an IP telephony in another location.

 How does a Virtual number work?

 The virtual number works as a VoIP client asks their ISP to give them a specific number within a location. When someone from that location dials the assigned virtual number, the number registers like it’s a local call but routes smoothly to your real number. 

How to get a virtual number for Tinder? 

Getting a virtual number is easy and the processes are simple. All you need is to register via the Internet, choose a number and port it to your real number. 

Features of a virtual number

The virtual number comes with numerous features which include: 

Global coverage

Tinder phone number verification

You get a number that isn’t restricted to a location so even if you are migrating for love or business, you can still be reached. Virtual numbers allow you to receive SMS and calls anywhere and anytime. 

Easy call distribution

Virtual phone numbers allow businesses and people in different locations to talk to one another as a group. Instead of getting calls in one location, incoming calls are sent to everyone that wants to be added. 

Assigns local number

 For those with businesses and offices in areas different from their customer base, they can easily apply for a dedicated virtual number in that area. This will ensure that they still get to keep their customers even when they are in a different location.

 Seamless market campaigns

 With virtual numbers, you can easily track vital clients metrics via your phone. CRM systems allow you to assign an online number for specific market activations. This information can help you gauge the success of your market campaign. 


 Virtual numbers can allow you to make calls and send SMS free and if with fees, they are minimal. This is because virtual numbers use the Internet and need little or no physical maintenance. 

Excellent features

Virtual numbers provide customers with good call features like call forwarding, ring groups, user ID, and call waiting. 

Second Phone Number™: The ideal virtual number for Tinder phone number verification

Second Phone Number™ app offers excellent virtual numbers which you can use to receive a tinder phone verification code. The virtual number app is one of the best second phone number services around.

 Their registration process is easy and you can download and install the app within 90 seconds. Activation of your Second Phone Number™ virtual number is easy and they have numbers for seven countries. 

You can easily get US, UK, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Canada, and other numbers. Plans include rolling out virtual numbers for 60+ countries.

Why is Second Phone Number™ Virtual number good?

Are you wondering what makes the Second Phone Number™ app the best for tinder phone number verification, here are the reasons: 


The second number offered by Second Phone Number™ allows you to have your privacy and keep yourself anonymous. 

Giving people you just met on dating sites can open you up, Second Phone Number™ provides a number you can use to keep yourself free of hassle.

 Security concerns

 With the increase in scams and frauds, getting a Second Phone Number™ Virtual number helps you protect yourself from scams. Whenever you notice the person you are talking with is of questionable character, you can easily discard the number. 

Allows blocking

 There are sometimes you might want to block some numbers because of several reasons. Common reasons for blocking are affiliate marketers who flood your phone with messages and nagging partners. With Second Phone Number™, this feature is easily accessible. 

Regular updates

The Second Phone Number ™ app ensures they provide updates and upgrades to their numbers to ensure you don’t have problems when using it. 

Multiple numbers

 You can get more than one virtual number from Second Phone Number™ to use for various tinder accounts. These multiple virtual numbers will have to be used regularly though to avoid going inactive. 


Dating sites are a good place to meet people for love, friendship, and romance. Tinder is a great site where you can meet genuine people, however, their phone number verification can make things complicated.

 If you don’t want to use your real number for Tinder phone number verification, you can get a virtual phone number from Second Phone Number™ which you can use anytime and anywhere to get SMS and call verification from Tinder.