At first, the world became a global village, the internet compressed interactions so that people are able to communicate with each other across borders. Yet, somehow, it isn’t enough. 

Especially if your business fills the needs of people outside your country.  

Enter virtual US phone number companies. In this article, you will learn of the most ideal of them for maximizing profits in your business.

Second Phone Number™

Second Phone Number™ is a second phone number app that gives your phone the ability to do what it does, twice. With this virtual US phone number app, it is as though you have two phones in one phone. 

You do not need to purchase a second phone for your business or go through the hassle of sim swapping, paying expensive fees to set up a phone number contract for your business. 

With Second Phone Number™, all you need is the same phone in your possession and the business phone number you have been using. 

Why Second Phone Number™ is ideal for your business

US virtual phone number

Second Phone Number™ is the best virtual US phone number app for your business for the following reasons: 

Ease of setting up

To begin using the superior and advanced virtual number app, all you need to do is download the Second Phone Number™ app either from the iOS or Playstore. Every available mobile smartphone is able to do this. 

Next, select a subscription.

Then create custom local, US phone numbers, or international phone numbers in the country of your choice to perform as your business phone system. 

After this, your US virtual business phone system is ready for business connections with anyone on the globe.

Ease of operation

You don’t need a second sim to use Second Phone Number™. And this is one of the factors that makes this app the ideal virtual US phone number for business. 

You are not worried about the prospect of keeping track of which phones to use, or the encumbrance of lugging several phones around. Start using your second phone number on your one phone right away. 


For ease of access, Second Phone Number™ is available for both iOS users and android. The app allows users to choose from an array of multiple virtual phone numbers. 

It allows you to have an unlimited phone system with virtual number. You can have local or US phone numbers for one-time use, or you can keep them if you wish or even set up call forwarding. 

Virtual phone numbers are available in more than one country: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Finland and Israel, with more countries to be added in due time. 

Fast availability

Second Phone Number™ is the ideal US virtual phone number app for business as it can be set up in minutes after which your business can begin to benefit from it immediately. 

No setup cost

Nothing stands in the way of your business growth with Second Phone Number™. You don’t need to worry about setup costs as all you need to do is download the app and select your preferred subscription, just like you do with your physical number or personal numbers. 

Simple billing system

Payment for a subscription is as easy as it can get. No lag time or a complicated system of payment. Second Phone Number™ use your existing payment channel on your Apple account or Google account. 

Your payments are charged to your accounts immediately after your purchase is confirmed. Unless you turn off auto-renew, your accounts will be charged every time your subscription ends. 

Second Phone Number™ is ideal in that you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the status of your subscription, and your device or accounts are no hindrance to enjoying the full benefits to your business with the option to have multiple phone numbers. 

And you are not obligated to subscribe annually. You have the options of weekly, monthly or yearly billing depending on the subscription plans that you favor. 

No interference

Second Phone Number™ US virtual phone number can work alongside your current number on your phone without causing any interference. 

Neither does it affect any contract you have with other network companies. Second Phone Number™ shares the same contact on your mobile phone as your other number without issues. 

Even when it happens that you lose your mobile phone, this doesn’t affect your use of the US virtual phone number. Upon acquiring a new phone, just download the app one more time and get back to business by restoring your subscription in settings. 

Send free messages

US virtual phone number

It’s business after all, and all businesses understand how important text message marketing is to growing leads. 

This is one of the factors that makes Second Phone Number™ the most ideal virtual phone for those who live in the US. 

The app allows you to send and receive messages for free between Second Phone Number™ users. 

Make calls on the go

The very hallmark of best business practice is when you can talk with your customers, and business partners and pursue leads from anywhere you are—on the train, on the bus or in the air. 

Second Phone Number™ allows you to make calls even when you travel abroad or on vacation or just set up call forwarding, helping you to stay on top of your business. You can be in Miami vacationing and still be in control of your business in New York with the use of your virtual phone numbers. 

Privacy is guaranteed

In today’s world where privacy is a sensitive issue, people care about protecting their identity from theft. This is especially important for businesses. Second Phone Number™ protects your privacy and security. When you call with the app, your use of the app is kept confidential so that your receivers don’t know you are calling with the app. 

Complete control over your calls

Another factor that makes the app ideal for businesses in the USA is the fact that you have total control over your calls. For future marketing references, some businesses have reasons to monitor their calls by recording it. 

With Second Phone Number™, you can switch call recording on and off with a dedicated toggle on the screen. You can begin to record when the call is on by tapping the record button on the screen. 

Recorded calls are saved as media files on your phone with your virtual number. You can plan lead generation by listening again and again to recordings of your calls right in the saved recording folder on your phone. 

When considering to get a US virtual phone number app, go for Second Phone Number™. It is best for maximizing profits in your business.