It’s a world filled with loopholes that we now live in, full of security threats. Protect your privacy and use an unknown phone number, instead of your real number.

The security around your identity and personal details can easily be broken through and everything about you could be exposed. 

Interestingly, data breaches happen mostly through your private phone number, sometimes by entertaining an unknown caller. 

This article examines smart ways to protect your private phone number by getting an unknown phone number.

Keep it off the Internet

unknown phone number

The smartest way to protect your private number and avoid spam calls is to keep it off the internet totally. Whatever gets into the world wide web catches in it like a fly. 

Once online, there’s no telling what third parties can do with your number. 

Hence, if you can, keep your private number off the web.  Or better yet, get an unknown phone number, learn more, and continue reading below.

Two Way Authentication

People use two-way notifications on their online accounts like social media and bank apps. 

It can be done to protect your private phone number as well. 

Simply add a secondary security code to your private number account too.

You can do this by calling your phone company to set up your account so that you alone can make alterations to your details or port your number out. 

When inputting a secondary security code, make sure it is one that is strong enough.

Do not use a combination of your name, date of birth, or any family member’s name. A weak code is easy to breach. 

Do not store your secondary security code on your phone, and avoid writing it in the most obvious places. 

Not all service providers do this. You may port your private number to a provider that offers two-way authentication. 

Don’t Click Suspicious Links

unknown phone number

One of the popular ways phone numbers are breached is through text messages that carry suspicious links. 

Avoid clicking links of which origin you are unsure of. Take your precautions further by unsubscribing from receiving further SMS from that source if you can. 

Avoid leaving your private number on websites that are untrustworthy. 

Don’t Give Out Your Number Indiscriminately

It is cool to make new friends, however, you must avoid letting total strangers have your private number to keep any unknown caller away. 

Be wary of ads on social media requesting for users to leave their numbers in comment sections for promos, discounts, or giveaways. 

You can set your social media accounts so that your number is only visible to people on your contacts list. 

The reason for this particular precaution is that people on your contact list are likely vetted. 

Many on your list are friends you know, family members, and acquaintances.

Strangers are not able to fish your private number off your profile on Facebook if it’s not visible or if it’s not there. 

Lock Your Phone When Not in Use

The lock screen on your phone protects not just sensitive information on your phone but also your phone number. 

It is possible for strangers to get hold of your private number by dialing theirs on your phone when you’re not looking. 

Keep your phone close to yourself at all times when in public places like bus or train stations, restaurants, locker rooms, and the workplace. 

If your phone is locked when not in use you can be sure of protecting your number from being stolen. 

Keep Your Sim Safe

You may have reasons to remove your sim from your phone. Reasons may range from repairs to a desire to swap a different sim. 

Make sure to properly store away your sim for the period when it’s not in use. 

Leaving your aim around in a public place can result in it being cloned by hackers or outright theft. 

Hide your sim up in a fold of paper which you can then keep somewhere safe. 

Hide Your Number During Calls

This protection hack may seem a little extreme but considering what you can lose in a security breach, it may be one of your best solutions. 

If they can’t see it, they can’t steal it. Use the Hide Number function on your phone to prevent others from stealing it. 

Some service providers have codes that make calls from your number appear as an “unknown number”. This works for all calls except toll-free ones. 

Get an Unknown Phone Number, get a Virtual Phone Number

This is the best hack on this list. It is convenient and fast. Getting a virtual phone number or unknown phone number guarantees protection for your private number to the highest degree. 

There are apps that provide access to unknown phone numbers. The best of them is Second Phone Number™

This service guarantees maximum protection of your private number. You can dispense with many of the hacks on this list just by downloading and subscribing to this service. 

Simply download the Second Phone Number™ app, either for Android or iOS, select a subscription, and choose either a local or international number in a country of your choice. 

Next, you are ready to begin using your virtual phone number and make calls from unknown numbers. 

How Second Phone Number™ Protects Your Private Number

This app serves as smart protection in the following ways:

It Takes The Place of Your Private Number

With this app, your privacy, identity, and personal information are protected from strangers. 

With Second Phone Number™ callers or people, you make a phone call to will not know you are using the app. 

Besides they can’t get your information just by having the number unlike when you use your private number. 

Filter Your Calls

Second Phone Number™ offers voicemails, unlike many other private number service providers. 

With voicemails, you are able to listen to strangers who call, analyze and filter out any unknown caller to determine if you should return it or not. 

This helps you filter off potential security risks on your number. 

You are able to filter the number of calls you take, including calls from unknown phone numbers, and also determine when to receive incoming calls. 

Strangers trying to steal your information are surely going to have a hard time catching you. 

To further beef security for your number, you can enable face id and pin code for your number. 

This helps to keep your number, messages, and calls private, away from prying eyes. 

Protecting your real phone number by using an unknown phone number can now be easy to achieve. 

You can go to either Google Play Store or Apple store to download this app and begin to use your unknown phone number and quit exposing your private number to danger.