If you’re seeking to add more customers to your business, you need to consider getting the best virtual phone number. It is effective at making your business appear professional and giving customer support a certain level of trust and confidence in your business. Second phone numbers for business are obtained the same way as regular second phone systems and offers toll free number. However, you need to know the right types to get and get the best virtual phone number.

A second phone number caters to making business communication between customers and businesses easier. It also facilitates information between employees of the same organization and reduces communication costs in some cases.

In this article, you’ll understand what a virtual phone system is like Second Phone Number ™. You’ll also get the types of second phone numbers you can use for your business, and how to apply these numbers to help your business grow. Also, the benefits of using a virtual phone number provider app for business will be apparent.

Virtual Phone Number Providers for Business Explained

virtual phone number for business

Virtual phone numbers are like any other phone number – cell or landline. They are a sequence of digits that serve as the address for a cell or landline but are not SIM-reliant. Virtual phone number providers for businesses are the types of secondary phone numbers that are suitable for businesses – small, medium, and large.

They are used to make and receive calls, send and receive messages that concern your business. They are typically cheaper in tariff than the regular second phone numbers, and there are different options to choose from, depending on what suits your business.

With this type of second phone system, you can control communication effectively, cut down on communication costs, and grow your business.

Types of Virtual Business Phone System

There are different types of virtual phone numbers for businesses. The type each business chooses depends on the location of its customers.

Local Virtual Phone System

Local virtual phone numbers for businesses aim at improving communication between businesses and their local customers. These types of virtual phone numbers charge callers at the local call rate.

They are exceptional at announcing the local authority of a business and advertising them locally. It is suitable for businesses that offer services that are restricted to a locality.

A plumber who renders his services in Louisiana, with a second phone number for a business that starts with the prefix,225, will have more customers from that area as that is where his customers are. Also, a mechanic in Blackpool will have more customers from his locale since it’ll cost them less to contact him.

Non-Geographic Virtual Phone Numbers

Non-Geographic second phone numbers for businesses are National numbers. They are used by large corporations and businesses whose services are unhindered by distance and location. These types of phone numbers don’t denote the location of a business, and they offer some toll free options.

With non-geo second phone numbers for business, your customers, local and international, can call your business without incurring any or minimal costs. However, your business will have to meet the deficit.

It is advisable for businesses that are not location-specific to use this type of business virtual number. A web developer in Manhattan can use a non-geo second phone number to get clients from Israel. They can also get clients from New York.

Types of Non-geo Numbers

There are different types of non-geo second phone numbers for businesses and they have different tariffs. 

In the UK, the 08-numbers (0800 and 0808) are non-geo numbers customers can call for free but businesses will pay the tariff. They are excellent for getting sales leads. However, 0844 and 0845 numbers are “callers pay” non-geo virtual phone numbers for business although call rate differs for landlines and mobile phones. 03 numbers apply the local call rates to callers.

Non-geographic numbers in North American countries are more straightforward. Any 01-prefix number is a non-geo number. However, it is difficult for callers to determine which one is free for them to call, without instructions.

Why use Virtual Phone Number Provider for Business?

virtual phone number for business

There are many benefits attached to using the best business virtual phone system, and they include:

Building trust among customers

People will readily buy from businesses they can trust. One of the ways to improve the trust your customers have in your business is to use a secondary phone number. Whether it is local or national, it shows them the sense of professionalism your business portrays.

Also, it is more likely for customers in a location to patronize a local business than one they don’t know its location. Therefore, if your business is location-dependent, use local virtual numbers that show your local authority.

Improve business communication

Getting feedback from your customers is as important as advertising your products. A second phone number for a business that allows customers to call in a toll free number without any extra cost to them will improve the feedback you get and you can focus on what to improve on in your products and services, based on the feedback. This will enhance your customer support as well.

Also, communication among employees is also greatly improved, helping teams meet deadlines faster.

Communication freedom and flexibility

As an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to separate your work from your personal time. It is more complicated when your personal phone number also serves as your business phone number. A second phone number will help you manage your work and your personal time effectively.

You can also communicate with your clients and customers without leaving the comfort of your home, if you use a non-geo virtual phone system, and save on transportation.

Revenue generation

Some organizations generate revenue from the calls they get from their customers. Although it depends on your country’s laws, this is not permissible in some countries, especially for big organizations. However, smaller businesses are allowed to use virtual phone numbers that help them generate income.


To get a virtual phone number for your business may be the best decision you’ll make for your business as it’ll help to grow your business and provide the best customer support. However, ensure that you choose the right type of second phone number – local or non-geo, with toll free or not – for your business, based on your customers’ locations.