It can be a hassle when you need to register on certain sites but you are limited because getting verified on those websites is almost impossible. And the reason for this has to do with your phone number. 

Websites like PayPal, YouTube, Google, and so on require that you have an American number for verification to go through. 

To solve this issue you need a virtual phone number for verification. This article will show you an effective virtual phone number app and why you need it. 

Benefits of a virtual phone number for verification

The world has gone past the point where you have no choice but to expose your personal information. These days you can accomplish a lot with a virtual phone number for verification. Here are the benefits you derive from doing this: 

Virtual phone number for verification

Privacy protection

Protecting your personal information from potential danger on the internet is paramount. 

You don’t want to unwittingly lose your personal information to third parties who may use it criminally. 

Virtual phone number apps help you bypass this. 

Instead of using your private number for verifications, a virtual phone number for verification takes its place. 

Also if you live outside the US where many of the companies require a US number, a virtual phone number helps make sure you don’t lose the opportunity. 

Avoid resold information

A virtual phone number protects your information from being resold. 

There’s been evidence that some corporations resell their customers’ information to third parties without users’ consent. 

They sell to third-party businesses that need clients for their own businesses. 

This is why you sometimes get ads tailored to you. Furthermore, they may not necessarily be ads for products you really want to purchase. 

Besides, the ads can be annoying, including the thought that your information was sold without your consent.

When your data is sold, there’s no way to determine if the third party will use it harmfully. 

To avoid this, using a virtual phone number for verification allows you not to give your true location and identity. 

Your information is therefore protected from being sold. 

Easy verification

Finally, you can get your verification through easily with a virtual phone number app. 

You don’t want to miss out on the opportunities presented by those websites like PayPal which are not available to many countries outside the US. 

There are many virtual phone number apps that allow you to do your verification and protect your privacy. One effective one is Second Phone Number™

What is Second Phone Number™? 

Second Phone Number™ is a superior, advanced private phone and messaging phone number app. 

It is an app that allows you to do everything you do with your private number, all on that one phone you have. 

You don’t have to switch sim cards or suspend your existing private number to use it. 

And it allows you to go through verification of your number without a hitch. 

Why Second Phone Number™  is effective for verification?

Second Phone Number™ is an effective virtual phone number for verification for the following reasons: 

Virtual phone number for verification

Available everywhere that matters. 

Second Phone Number™ is currently available in the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Puerto Rico, Finland, and Israel. 

In the United States, for instance, you have many companies presenting great opportunities for freelance jobs and remote work. 

But many citizens of other countries are unable to register with those companies because they need to have a US number. 

The ubiquity of the Second Phone Number™ makes it an effective alternative.  You have the opportunity to own a US number now and can now verify that number so you can enjoy opportunities in that country. 

Privacy protection

Second Phone Number™ ensures that your calls and text messages aren’t monitored. They do not share or sell your number to third parties who harvest numbers for commercial purposes. 

They do not listen in on calls or tamper with your recorded calls nor share with third parties. They do not let those you call see if it is a phone app you use, hence your verification with companies online is safe and protected. 

Data protection

Your personal data is secured from the moment you register and subscribe. 

Second Phone Number™ does not share users’ data with third parties who harvest such for their own use. 

Second Phone Number™ is transparent in their use of users’ personal information. 

Unlimited access to numbers 

Second Phone Number™ allows you to have as many numbers as you wish. 

You may wish to have a separate number for each of your online registrations. 

Some do this to protect their privacy by having one number each for PayPal, YouTube, Google, and so on. 

Use on any device

You do not necessarily need to change the phone you are using at the moment. 

Second Phone Number™ is configured to work on iOS and Android phones. 

And the app is ready for use on any type of phone that uses the above-operating systems. 

There is nothing to hinder your verification at any point. 

Make and receive international calls

A virtual number isn’t virtual if it can’t make and receive international calls. 

For the purpose of verification on websites, it is important that the site be able to reach the number you input at registration. 

Second Phone Number™ is fully functional in this regard. You can receive calls verifying your humanness and location. 

Perpetual ownership of numbers

You may wonder if you can always keep the virtual phone number even after your verification. 

Well, a virtual phone number isn’t much of a virtual number if you can’t keep it after. 

Second Phone Number™ allows you to continue to own your number for as long as you wish. 

So long as your subscription subsists, you can have the number on a long-term or on a disposable basis. 

If you decide to put the number on hold, it will stay so for 30 days. 

Receive messages from anywhere. 

One of the means by which companies verify phone numbers is through messages or SMS. Second Phone Number™ allows you to receive text messages as you would with your private number. 

You can send messages as well—an unlimited amount—in case you are required to reply to the company at verification. 

These are the factors that make Second Phone Number™ your go-to phone number app for verification.