Ever wondered what is the best virtual phone number for Whatsapp Business?

Communication improves a lot of things and business is not left behind. For effective business communication, many business owners are making use of the WhatsApp Business since it is more tailored to meet their needs. WhatsApp requires a phone number to run and if you already have one using your current phone number, you need another phone number.

But getting another SIM card or phone is not exactly easy. Then the only option left to the business owner is to get a virtual phone number. And yes, it works perfectly for WhatsApp Business. Maybe you are not exactly sure how a virtual phone number works, if it is safe for your business, or what is the best virtual phone number for Whatsapp Business, we would go through that in this article.

Features of WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world covering over 180 countries. The peak of this app is its speed in delivering instant messages at a very affordable price. Not too long ago, an enhanced version of the app was launched specifically for business; WhatsApp Business.

Like its predecessor, WhatsApp Business is also very easy to install and use. It ensures privacy by first delineating personal chats from business messages as well as ensuring end-to-end encryption of messages. This app is also performing well in the market as many small business owners find it very useful for its features. WhatsApp Business offers features such as;

       1. ) A business name

       2. ) Business description

       3. ) Business category

       4. ) Business catalog and info with pictures

       5. ) Business hours

       6. ) Other contact information such as the address to a physical office, website, and business email

       7. ) Quick response to orders or queries

Can I use a Virtual Phone Number for WhatsApp Business?

When WhatsApp launched its WhatsApp Business app, business owners were grateful for the enhanced features this offers them. For one, you need a phone number for both the regular WhatsApp and the WhatsApp Business. But the issue was with using personal lines for business. And if you need to run two separate accounts, you would need another phone number. 

Solution; get another line but that is simply stressful and expensive. A more workable solution is to use a virtual number. Yes, you can use your virtual phone number, even that from Second Phone Number™ for WhatsApp and WhatsApp business.

A virtual number is a telephone number that does not require a SIM card. These work over the internet using an app specially designated for that purpose. One of such special software is Second Phone Number™. 

Second Phone Number™; the best virtual phone number app for WhatsApp Business

virtual phone number for whatsapp

Second Phone Number™ is the best application used when creating and managing a virtual phone number for WhatsApp Business. One reason this app stands out is that it makes it easy to get a workable second phone number, especially for businesses. And just like any phone number, you can use your virtual number from Second Phone Number™ to make and receive calls as well as send messages.

Second Phone Number™ allows you to create any number you want either a local number or an international number. The number from Second Phone Number™ can also be used to place calls either locally or internationally, it does it all. 

If you need to create multiple WhatsApp Business accounts, you need multiple phone numbers and Second Phone Number™ can help you with that. Just like any phone number, all the virtual phone numbers from Second Phone Number™ can be used to send SMS and MMS at very affordable prices.

So how do you get started?

How to use Second Phone Number™ for WhatsApp Business

As the best virtual phone number even for WhatsApp Business, it is known for its ease of use. This means it does not take too long to set up. You can create and begin to use your virtual phone number in just a few steps

      1.) Download and install the Second Phone Number™ app either from the Google Playstore or the Apple Store

      2.) Create your account using your Google Account or your personal phone line.

      3.) Select a subscription plan from either weekly, monthly, or yearly plans.

      4.) Choose your preferred phone number either a local number or an international phone number.

      5.) Ensure that your Second Phone Number™ app is running and that there is an internet connection.

      6.) Once that is done, download the WhatsApp Business app from your Google Store or Apple Store.

      7.) When going through the setup process, you would be asked to input your phone number, use your Second Phone Number™ phone number.

      8.) WhatsApp would send you a verification message containing a code. This you would find in the test history in your Second Phone Number™ app. Copy that code into the required space on your WhatsApp Business.

Benefits of Using Second Phone Number™ for your WhatsApp Business

virtual phone number for whatsapp

Second Phone Number™ as an app for virtual phone numbers first removes the stress of getting a new SIM card. In the sense that you can have as many phone numbers or lines as possible on the go without having to carry so many SIM cards. Neither you have to keep switching the SIM cards in your phone when you want to get across through one specific number.

There are several benefits of using a virtual number from Second Phone Number™ for WhatsApp business.

It works well with WhatsApp

Like any other phone number, your second number from Second Phone Number™ can be used to open and manage a WhatsApp account and in extension, a WhatsApp Business account. It works just like the way conventional phone numbers will work in WhatsApp allowing you to send messages including making and receiving calls.


Using a second line for WhatsApp allows you to separate personal life from business. Identifying messages and calls becomes easy using a virtual phone number.

Ease of use

WhatsApp is easy to use and many people already know how to. For businesses where several employees are available to respond to messages this makes customer service easier. Using a virtual number also makes responses faster.

In Conclusion

Getting a WhatsApp Business account does not mean you have to spend extra on a new phone or another SIM card. With a virtual phone number, you can get another phone number within your phone. Since you are choosing a virtual phone number for your business, it is important 

Second Phone Number™ is the best virtual phone number for WhatsApp Business. It is reliable and once running, you do not have to bother about getting disconnected. It is a popular choice because of its affordability and because it works anywhere in the world.

Stop hesitating and begin enjoying the benefits of a virtual phone number for Whatsapp, start enjoying Second Phone Number™.