Anywhere your business is in the world, if you have a virtual phone number UK, you are more likely to be taken more seriously than when your virtual number carries the prefix of another country. Virtual phone numbers in the UK vary for individuals and businesses, and it bears a difference from the North American virtual numbers.

To get a virtual phone number in the UK, there are different options but you’ll have the best experience with Second Phone Number™. You’ll create your own UK virtual phone numbers, and select your preferred locality. The process is simple, and you can begin to use your virtual phone number immediately.

In this article, you’ll understand how a UK virtual phone number differs from other countries, such as Canada and the United States of America, virtual phone numbers. You’ll also know the different virtual phone number options that are available to you on Second Phone Number™, and how you can apply them to your businesses.

Available Virtual Phone Number Options in the UK

Virtual phone number uk

The importance of virtual phone numbers embraces both personal and business reasons. However, due to the many virtual phone number options available in the UK, especially for business purposes, there is high demand for UK virtual phone numbers. Some of the available virtual phone number options in the UK include:

Personal-use Virtual Phone Numbers

The personal -use of virtual phone numbers is used for communication among friends and family. They are mostly used for social and fun engagements, especially online. 

These phone numbers are usually mobile numbers and non-geographic virtual phone numbers. Users can use them with their call recipients not knowing which locality they’re calling from.

Personal-use virtual phone numbers have prefixes such as 07 with other numbers from 0 to 9 following. Also, some mobile numbers with 03 prefixes are personal use but sometimes used for small businesses.

Business-use Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers for businesses in the UK are meant to help business owners, organizations, employees, and customers communicate effectively. They generally have lower tariffs and are sometimes free. Business virtual phone numbers in the UK can also be a good way for businesses to generate income.

Organizations can improve their customer relations by using business virtual UK phone numbers that are toll-free; however, the organization will cover the cost of communication. Also, businesses can use local virtual phone numbers but they cost the customers some money to communicate with the business.

Local virtual phone numbers and non-geographic virtual phone numbers are available for businesses in the UK. Available local phone numbers carry prefixes that show locality, such as 121 for Birmingham city and 161 for Manchester. Non-geographic virtual phone numbers are available in 08- prefixes, such as 0800, and 0808. However, there are others such as 0843, 0844, and 0845. While the former is toll-free, the latter are caller pays.

Who Needs a Virtual Number in the UK?

Virtual phone number uk

Virtual phone numbers in the UK are available for use for individuals and businesses. However, if you’re not convinced you need a virtual phone number, especially as a business owner, check to see if you fall into any of these categories of people who need a virtual phone number in the UK.

Local Business owners (Entrepreneurs)

Do you own a small business in any location within the UK? Do you want more customers to respect and patronize your business? The solution to the sales you’re seeking may be in your contact phone number. If you’ve been using your personal phone number as your business contact number, you have to change that.

Using a dedicated phone number for your business communication makes your business appear professional to potential customers. Therefore, virtual mobile phone numbers are not ideal for this business. You can opt for local virtual phone numbers that show your local authority.

Online Business owners

If your business is online, you can help your business by appearing professional to your customers. Use virtual phone numbers of the UK to appeal to those who want to do business with first-world country enterprises.

There are many possibilities open to you as an online business owner. Since your product or service is not tied to a region, you can have local virtual UK phone numbers and non-geographic virtual phone numbers. UK residents will be familiar with the non-geographic number and residents of localities in the UK will be conversant with the local numbers.

Businesses with International Customers

International customers want to be sure they’re getting services from the best place possible. One of the ways you can increase their trust in your business is to have a non-geographic virtual phone number. It tells them you’re a national business body in the UK, and that makes you competent to deliver their demands and needs.

Also, tariffs on non-geographic virtual phone numbers in the UK range from free to cheap, depending on your choice. If you’re a big business, you can opt for toll-free numbers.

Multinational Companies

These companies are established and have a presence in different countries. You can make life easier for your employees by getting them virtual phone numbers peculiar to their locality. Local call tariffs are cheap in the UK, and it enhances communication between your company branch in the locality and the local customers.

Each local branch should have a local virtual phone number.

How to Get a UK Virtual Phone Number from Second Phone Number™

Second Phone Number™, short for Second Phone Number™, is a mobile app that gives its users the freedom to create second phone numbers for different countries, for personal and business use. You can also get a virtual phone number UK for your business through Second Phone Number™ by following these steps.

      1.) Download the Second Phone Number™ app from Google Play Store and Install it.

      2.) Open the app and choose a billing schedule

      3.) Tap the “Get a Number” prompt.

      4.) Select the United Kingdom as your preferred country

      5.) Choose your preferred locality in the provided list.

      6.) Select “Get a Mobile Number” if that’s your choice.

      7.) Your UK Virtual Phone Number will be generated.

Note that you can create as many virtual phone numbers as you want.


Virtual phone numbers in the UK are suitable for both personal and business uses. Virtual phone number UK options range from local to non-geographic with different tariffs. You can get a UK virtual phone number with the Second Phone Number™ app.