The need for a more cost-effective communication system, wider coverage, privacy, are some of the limitations faced by people who rely solely on regular phone numbers. Some people who want these limitations addressed have resorted to using virtual phone numbers but what is a virtual phone number?

A virtual phone system can offer exactly what regular phone numbers offer and a lot more. This is why more people are buying into the idea of having a virtual phone number for various reasons.

With apps like Second Phone Number™, users realize that using a virtual phone system helps in so many ways. Ensure that you keep reading so that you will be aware of these benefits and other things about virtual phone numbers.

What Is a Virtual Phone Number?

What is a Virtual Phone Number

A virtual phone system is a number for communication just like any other phone number. However, the issuer is one of the several ways it is different. Unlike the traditional option of reaching out to a telecommunication service provider to issue you a number, the internet is what is leveraged with this kind of number.

They are service providers that issue (custom, disposable, virtual number) numbers for communication purposes but they are not the telecommunication sort of service providers. Rather, they qualify as service providers that enable their subscribers to make and receive; calls, messages, multimedia data, and all phone service – using the internet.

So, you can make the most of their phone service as long as you are connected to the internet. This is good news considering how many parts of the country, continent, and the world at large are digitally connected because of access to the internet. As a result, using a virtual number means that you have wider coverage than what is obtainable when you work with traditional phone service providers.

They Are Not Only Called Virtual Phone Numbers

Just so you know, there are other names used to refer to these kinds of numbers. You might hear people call them names like virtual number, virtual phone or softphone. The point is that they all mean the same thing. So, you should not get it twisted if these names are used interchangeably.

How Can You Get a Virtual Phone Number?

Several things have to be in place and you need to take certain steps to enjoy the benefits of having and using these kinds of numbers. Some of them include the following:

Have Access to the Internet

As explained above, this is a kind of phone number that leverages the internet. This is how coverage and communication are achieved by the service providers (app). So, you need to make sure you are not denied internet access in any way. Frankly, this is one of the most important things that have to be in place for you to enjoy what virtual phone numbers have to offer.

As long as you have internet access, you can enjoy the benefits of these special phone numbers with a wide range of gadgets. Android devices, iOS devices, and computers can be used.

Subscribe to a Good Service Provider

Some peaks come with using this kind of phone number. But you need to subscribe to the services of a good service provider to enjoy them. This determines a lot and so this is why your choice of a virtual phone number app is very important.

Some unbiased third-party reviews have been carried out to help especially prospective users make the right choice among the several apps that offer this service. You should know that some apps usually end up highly recommended because of their amazing services.

One of the apps that usually comes highly recommended on many of these platforms is Second Phone Number™. In addition to what many of these platforms say about apps like this, some users persistently air their satisfaction with the services of this virtual phone system service provider.

The whole point we are making here is the need to deal with a good app. To do this, you should pay serious attention to apps like Second Phone Number™ that come highly recommended.

What Are the Benefits of Using Virtual Phone Number Apps Like Second Phone Number™?

What is a Virtual Phone Number

A few of the benefits of using these kinds of phone numbers have been mentioned on the sidelines above. However, there are even more and they include the following:

Stress-Free Use

There are many necessary evils associated with using traditional phone numbers. You can avoid a lot of them when you use a virtual number app like Second Phone Number™. One such necessary evil with traditional phone numbers is spam calls and messages.

This is the situation, especially for those who use traditional numbers for business and commercial purposes. With such an app, you get to be selective and even use filter features such as not directing spam calls and messages over to your direct line.

You can even have peace of mind by setting work hours with the app. This means that calls will only go through at certain times in the day. Other than the set time, the calls will have to be voicemail which you can check when you are available. Several other things validate how using virtual phone numbers from an app like Second Phone Number™ is stress-free, to say the least.

Local Code and Financial Benefits

You can have access to another location’s local area code with this phone line. However, some apps are restricted in this regard. This is considering how the options may be very few, if even available.

With an option like Second Phone Number™, users have so many options to be grateful for. The better part of how apps like this keep expanding by making it possible to use more local area code over time and get a virtual phone. This is good news for business owners that need to win over and deal with clients in locations other than theirs by using a local phone line.

There are also financial benefits, especially with apps like Second Phone Number™. Cheaper rates of making calls, sending messages, and even multimedia data are what we mean. Sometimes, there are promotions which means these communications are free of charge with the use of toll free numbers.


A few but very important facts about virtual phone numbers have been raised here in this article. This is in addition to answering the question “what is a virtual phone number?”. As a result, you are advised to make informed decisions by getting such a phone number when the need arises. However, you should be deliberate about using the right app for this purpose.