If you intend to have a second phone number without using an extra device or swapping the sim cards on your device, then you have arrived at the right destination but what is the best app for a second phone number? Second Phone Number™ is the best mobile app for getting a second phone number hassle-free. It is an advanced private and messaging phone that allows users to contact a third party without making use of their real number. This article discusses all you need to know about what is the best app for a second phone number. 

What is Second Phone Number™?

What is the best app for a second phone number with awesome features aside from texting and calling? –  Second Phone Number™. This second phone number often comes in the form of a virtual phone number. As its name implies, a virtual phone number is a telephone number that isn’t assigned to a specific network service provider. Instead, the phone number is linked to your online account that has a provider, giving you no problem. 

Here, any individual can have access to these types of phone numbers as long as their device is connected to the Internet, whether it is through their desktop computer, laptop, or even their smartphone. With Second Phone Number™, you can reach any of your contacts through calls or text messages (SMS or MMS) in any location. Unlike other Sim cards that are often bound to a specific location, Second Phone Number™ also gives you a bigger advantage that allows you to create international phone numbers and connect to your families, friends, or small business overseas. 

How Does Second Phone Number™ Work?

Do you intend to have the best app for a second phone number? Then, let’s get ready. All you have to do is go to the App store if it is an iOS device or a Google Play Store if it is an Android. Then, input the term “Second Phone Number™” in the search query. You can install this mobile app from there to have it opened on your phone. After you have opened it, select a subscription plan. It may be a weekly, monthly, or yearly plan. Then, you have the opportunity to create a local or international phone number within the app which can produce a local area code as well. 

A fun fact about the mobile app is that you can select the state or country you want your phone number’s code to be. For instance, if you want the phone number to look like an Ohio’s landline, simply select the “United States” from the available countries, scroll down a bit, click or tap on “Ohio” to choose the exact location’s code you want the phone number to have. When you are done, then you can start using it to receive or make calls and send or receive messages.

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Why Do You Need The Best App For A Second Phone Number?

what is the best app for a second phone number

Everyone wants to have a second phone number for various purposes. Whether it is work or your personal life, you should be able to have a second phone number without buying an extra device or going through the stress of swapping sims. With some command buttons on the Second Phone Number™ app, you can get all these features and organize your work and lifestyle. There are several ways by which a second phone number can be useful for you. 

First, business owners like you need a second phone number to run your business efficiently with multiple lines without compromising your privacy. You don’t even need an extra device to get this done. From a single device, you can create multiple lines on the mobile app and connect with your business partners, teams, or clients. This allows you to make and receive low-cost calls (local and international ones) or send and receive unlimited text messages (SMS and MMS). In fact, you can also screen your calls and direct them to voicemails during business meetings or outside business hours.  Finally, you can record your conversation with anyone as long as you want. 

Next are for those who want to register on a social media platform, shopping store, or website without wanting to give personal details. If this is your case, then you don’t have to worry anymore. Second Phone Number™ offers you the opportunity to register on a social media, shopping site, or any other website with your newly-created second phone number. It is not only for you to make calls or send text messages. Hence, you can use it to verify your account on these apps, receive notifications, or even share promotions with it. As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to worry anymore about giving out your details because this time, you are the one in control. 

Finally, you can submit your second phone number to an online dating store. No one wants a situation that creates privacy intrusion just because you want to meet a potential date. No one! As a result, Second Phone Number™ offers you the opportunity to keep your real phone number discreet even on online dating apps such as Tinder. Here, you can feel safe and secure by submitting your virtual phone number. Get to know them via calls, messages, sharing files (photos, videos, notes) without invading your privacy. 

Is Second Phone Number™ Available in my Country?

Best app for a second phone number

Currently, you can only use Second Phone Number™ in a few countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Puerto Rico, and Israel. As time goes by, we shall launch globally and be available in 35 countries. Although compliance rules may vary among countries, you can still send and receive messages among other Second Phone Number™ users, else you may be charged an extra cost to perform this activity. 

Can Second Phone Number™ Protect My Privacy?

Yes. At Second Phone Number™, we value our customers’ privacy more than anything else. Our customers are the priority and we go to extra lengths to keep their data safe. You can’t get it wrong with Second Phone Number™ as we provide the best mobile app for creating a virtual phone number. 


Second Phone Number™ allows you to create a second phone number without getting an extra device or swapping your sims and is considered by many as the best app for a second phone number. Visit us on the iOS store or Google Play Store today to start your free trial and have a splendid experience.